Despite the pall of war hanging in the air, the Academy Awards stuck to the script Sunday night. There were glamorous nominees (Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore), surprise upsets (Roman Polanski, Adrien Brody), self-righteous spectacles (Michael Moore, Michael Moore) and a handful of head-scratching mysteries that demanded solving. So, without further ado, let the sleuthing commence!

Who was presenter Jennifer Garner's mystery date? And why wasn't she escorted by husband Scott Foley? We spy a scandal...
"Her best friend Katie Gage was in town for the weekend, so Jen took her instead," explains a rep for the Alias star. "Everything's fine [with her and Scott]." And if a publicist says so, it must be true.

The stars were sporting some nifty peace pins. Where can I get one?
Jewelry designer Henry Dunay conceived the "Dove of Peace" pins for Global Vision for Peace. Many Oscar attendees wore them, including Adrien Brody, Chris Cooper, Daniel Day-Lewis, Brendan Fraser, Richard Gere, Salma Hayek, Susan Sarandon, Martin Scorsese and Meryl Streep, to name just a few. To order one, visit

Why wasn't Eminem in the house to accept his trophy for best original song?
According to Luis Resto, who collaborated with Mr. Mathers on 8 Mile's "Lose Yourself" and accepted the Oscar on his behalf, the rapper was too busy to attend. That's funny, because last week Dennis Dennehy of Interscope Records told USA Today that Slim Shady would "still be on vacation during the Academy Awards." Meanwhile, rumor has it Em opted to skip the Oscars because they wouldn't let him perform his song with expletives intact. Somebody's lying...

Did someone really throw a phone on stage during Steve Martin's opening monologue? And was it intentional like he claimed?
In a word, no... and no. While attempting to fix a broken piece of scenery, a stage hand dropped his walkie-talkie, the Los Angeles Times reports. Martin quickly ad-libbed, claiming the interruption was intentional. More lies!

Were the A-listers in the Kodak Theater privy to Peter Jennings's war updates?
Nothing kills a Hollywood party like a fresh dose of reality, so no, the news bulletins were withheld from the celeb-packed audience.

Did Michael Moore's fellow documentarians realize the full extent of what he'd say on stage?
Responds Moore: "I told them during the commercial break, 'You know, if you want to come with me, I would love for you to come with me, but come only if you want to be in solidarity with me, because I'm going to speak out against this war and President Bush.' They were thrilled, and I was thrilled to have them share the stage with me." Gail Dolgin and Vincente Franco — who co-directed Daughter From Danang — confirm this. "We didn't know word-for-word what he'd say," Dolgin says, "but we're very supportive of Michael. It was dramatic, but the war is the really tragic drama. I thought the booing he got was in bad taste. It was shocking and disrespectful that it broke down like a sports event, with the boos and cheers."

Speaking of which, why did Oscar execs cut off Moore in the middle of his tirade?
"I thought it was inappropriate to start, you know, calling names," producer Gil Cates tells Access Hollywood. "It's fine to express your views in a civilized fashion, it's America, it's a free country. We only started to play him off when he started to call names."

What was that getup Queen Latifah changed into after her Chicago number with Catherine Zeta-Jones?
"I thought Queen Latifah was the worst dressed," says Leon Hall of E!'s Fashion Police. "I am the hero for sisters of size, 'cause I love big ladies. Her jewelry was spectacular, but that busy Crayola blue dress was too tricked up and weird, like an old dance hall costume from a John Wayne movie. There were drapings, lace over the bodice, and her busoms riding up at half mast! It was like an old Oprah Winfrey leftover. Bradley Bayoud, who's done Oprah's dresses, designed it. He's an old friend and he's gonna hate me, but I can't help that it sucked."