8:20: Vanessa Williams looks like that lady in TLC's "Life Lessons" commercials in that yellow and black getup. You know, "Hey, where'd you park your DeLorian?" 8:21: Who wants to bet

The Sopranos wins for Best Ensemble in a Drama Series? 8:23: La, la, la, gotta get yourself a gun, la, la, la. I'm psychic: It's true. 8:26: Emile Hirsch is looking a little bit Johnny Depp tonight. 8:27: Marion Cotillard - best-dressed of the night. Gold star. I want that dress and I want to wear it to a ball. And not stain it. 8:29: Call it, friend-o: Javier Bardem wins for best supporting actor! OK, I'll sit down now. And what a heartfelt speech. I'm just happy that I'm no longer afraid of him after seeing him throw down in No Country for Old Men. Actually, I want to kiss his face. Too far? - Sandra Kofler TVGuide.com's Screen Actors Guild Awards coverage: " Winners and nominees " Photo galleries " Videos " Cheers & Jeers on The Sopranos' wins