Jane Lynch Tracking Suit Jane Lynch Tracking Suit

Ready to start holiday shopping for your TV-obsessed loved ones? Check out the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation's first annual holiday online auction, which opens for bidding on Tuesday, November 8. (www.ebay.com/emmysfoundation) The auction — benefiting the foundation's educational and archival programs — features props, memorabilia, and experiences that any TV fan will enjoy.

While this is the foundation's first holiday auction, they have hosted pre-Emmy Awards sales for the past four years. "One year we had a cane from House that sold for a little under $9,000," says program manager Debbie Slavkin. "And it had only been used in one episode. Last year, we had a fedora signed by Matt Bomer from White Collar, and that went for a little over $4,000.

Her pick for this auction's most popular item? "The tracksuit signed by Jane Lynch. Glee is just such a breakout hit show, and that suit is such an iconic vision of Jane as Sue Sylvester. You look at it, and you know exactly what it is. And those types of iconic items usually do the best in the auctions because it's not just a regular prop."

Here's the full list of items up for bid:

And if you end up in a bidding war for one of the set visits, don't give up hope if you're edged out at the last minute. "In the past, if the pricing is high enough and the bidding was competitive enough, we have approached the second place bidder and if they can match the first place price, then they also get to go on the set visit," Slavkin says. "It happened once for a Family Guy table read, and for Kate Linder's set visits." So happy bidding!

The online auction, conducted through eBay's charitable arm, Giving Works, launches Tuesday, November 8, at 4 pm PST, and ends Friday, November 18.

(Written by Sydney Bucksbaum)

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