Sir Paul McCartney Sir Paul McCartney

The 2012 London Olympics officially got underway Friday with a grand (if a bit eccentric) opening ceremony conceived by Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle.

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"'Really? This is it?' -- China #openingceremony" --Thomas Towell (@thomastowell) on WitStream

"My favorite part of British history is the breakdancing aristocrats. #Olympics" --Joe Veix (@joveix) on WitStream

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"Instead of James Bond, I wished they'd picked Doctor Who, so he could take us all back in time before we started watching this. #Olympics" --Buck Singleton (@buck_singleton) on WitStream

"Yes, because when I think sports, I immediately think Meredith Vieira. Was Joy Behar unavailable? #olympics #openingceremony" -- The Sklar Brothers (@sklarbrothers) on WitStream

"This commentary makes me yearn for the insightful observations of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. #olympics" --Anthony DeVito (AnthonyDevito) on WitStream

"If drunk dancing is an event, the independent Olympic athletes have to be favorites."--Chapin Clark (@ChapinC) on WitStream

"Look at the Queen's glorious frown during the anthem!" -- Andy Cohen (@BravoAndy)

"When Twitter was invented, those who produce Olympic Opening Ceremonies must have uttered a collective "F*ck!"-- Seth Meyers (@Sethmeyers21)

"Watching London's opening ceremonies. Hard to believe my ancestors were conquered by theirs." -- Conan O'Brien (@ConanObrien)

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"This Olympics Opening Ceremony is like a cross between Masterpiece Theater & Braveheart. Where are the Chinese guys with the drums?" -- Elizabeth Banks (@ElizabethBanks)

"I know they're elite athletes, but you can't tell me walking around and carrying a flag doesn't wear those guys out." -- Michael Ian Black (@Michaelianblack)

"The Olympics is when America learns about world geography from sports announcers and morning show hosts." -- Rob Lathan (@RobLathan) on WitStream

"So Comcast buying NBC means I'm gonna have to watch Seacrest pretend to care about Modern Pentathlon. I miss anti-trust law."-- Guy Branum (@GuyBranum) on WitStream

"Rumor: Maggie Smith will light the Olympic torch with one of the Dowager Countess' most FIREY zingers! #OpeningCeremonies" -- Ritch Duncan (@RitchieD) on WitStream

"They thought it would be hilarious to have Mr. Bean do a bit about PRETENDING to be bored at the opening ceremony.  Let that sink in." -- Guy Endore-Kaiser (@GuyEndoreKaiser) on WitStream

"I bet China feels dumb now for not booking Paul McCartney for its Opening Ceremony." -- Rob Lathan (@RobLathan) on WitStream