OK, I should be watching a horror movie since it's Halloween. But because I love you all and our L.B. babies the only screams I need tonight are the ones of excitement over the gang's fundraising benefit. It was like an all-star event, with Camp Kristin and the Lauren League joining forces for the good of all. So, in honor of this momentous meeting of blondes and the boys who break their hearts, I offer you this week's "Up with People! And Down with Landslides!" survey.
1) Who can get me one of Trey's hats? Seriously. And Alex H.'s number? Love her!
2) Um, when did Polster get so wow? And how long till Kristin adds him to her hit list?
3) Is it weird that I sort of felt bad for Jason the Chronic Cheater? Yeah, he kissed Poor Dumb Jessica and totally lied about to L.C. But remember, he is the Chronic Cheater.
4) Can we get a round of applause for L.C.? Dayyum, girl read Poor Dumb Jess for points, busted her man for macking on his ex and pulled off the fashion show. Hear her roar.
5) Did you guys know L.C. and Trey hooked up in the sixth grade? Or that J-Wahl started a brawl outside a club junior year? No? Then you need to grab "Life Inside the Bubble," the Laguna Beach book coming out on Nov. 15. For real. Total dish.
6) How about Deiter pulling the conference call? Diplomat or stirring the pot?
7) Is it me or should Talan and Awful Alex M. not sing.
BONUS No. 1: Jason's "I'm obsessed with you" line to Lauren: creepy true confession, or creep trying to get himself off the hook?
BONUS No.2: Anyone else about to pee over next week's party powwow between Lauren and Kristin? Other than Steeephen, that is?