Lauren Graham; John Krasinski; Marg Helgenberger Lauren Graham; John Krasinski; Marg Helgenberger

Question: I need Office scoop! Anything on the Jim-Pam front? 

Answer: Jenna Fischer told Entertainment Weekly that "big stuff happens" for Dunder-Miff's soul mates next Thursday, which, at this point, can only mean one of four things: They're getting engaged, they're having sex, they're eloping or they're breaking up (again). Naturally, I ran my theory by my Office snitch, who confirmed that one of those four events will indeed take place, but the April 17 episode merely serves as the staging ground. Apparently, the plot is set in motion next week, picks up steam on April 24, and then climaxes on May 1. And to quote Fischer, it definitely qualifies as "big stuff." BTW, there's a huge Jam-centric feature (cover story for subscribers) in the new issue of TV Guide magazine, on sale tomorrow at a newsstand near you. As an added bonus, tell the cashier you're an Aushole and receive zero cents off the cover price!