Nadya Suleman Nadya Suleman

Are you ready for an "Octo-Mom" reality show?

Nadya Suleman could have a TV deal "by the end of the week," her lawyer, Jeff Czech, told Us. The "Octo-Mom" met with four production companies this week to explore creating a reality show about life with her 14 children. "Nadya has been interested in, and hoping to find, something not so intrusive to the family and babies while, at the same time, [something to] sort of focus on trying to make a little income for herself," he said.

While no deal has been inked yet, potential Octo-Shows include full-length documentaries as well as traditional reality shows, Czech said. Viewers could catch a glimpse of her daily life, such as "Nadya dating, taking the kids to birthday parties, learning how to drive a 14-person van," he added.

Suleman has been in the public eye since giving birth to eight children in January. She has suffered financial woes, and has been taking donations and, briefly, free childcare, to help support her burgeoning family.

Would you tune in for some Octo-TV?