Question: Any O.C. spoilers? I'm hoping this will get me on your board next week!

Answer: Not to be nitpicky, but my, um, board has a name, and it's Ask Ausiello. Please, show a little respect especially since I'm about to share with you snippets of my conversation with O.C. chief Josh Schwartz at Fox's press tour soirée last week. "Sandy and Kirsten are going to come back together as a great loving couple and the great parents that they were in Year 1, although Kirsten's not going to be so ready to come home [from rehab] right away. All of our core couples are really going to try to stay together and make it work this year. Seth and Summer are going to be together; Ryan and Marissa are going to do their best to be together, but the forces of fate are going to pull them apart." The force in question has a name, and it's Eyes star Eric Mabius. "He plays the new dean of Harbor, who comes in to bring some discipline and who may not think Ryan and Marissa make ideal Harbor students after the recent incident with Trey. So Ryan's got a new rival at the school and so does Sandy." Schwartz also says we'll know by the end of the first episode whether Trey lives or dies, and he hints that a major O.C. grad (Anna? Oliver?) may be headed back to town this season. (It best not be Oliver.)