Barack Obama Barack Obama

Sen. Barack Obama is looking for total TV domination on Oct. 29.

Not only will the Democratic presidential hopeful reach out to Americans via three major broadcasters with a 30-minute "closing argument" TV spot, but Obama will also hit the cable circuit, making his fourth appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Obama, who will appear via satellite from the campaign trail in Florida, last appeared on the program on April 21, the night before the Pennsylvania primary. While this latest visit comes as the Daily Show celebrates its highest monthly ratings ever (a 2.1 million viewer average for October), Obama will be competing against his wife Michelle, whose Oct. 8 appearance was the show's most watched episode of all time with 2.9 million viewers.

The Daily Show airs Monday-Thursday at 11 pm/ET on Comedy Central. Obama's appearance will also be posted online the following day on The Daily Show.'s Web site