David Krumholtz and Rob Morrow, <i>NUMB3RS</i> David Krumholtz and Rob Morrow, NUMB3RS

NUMB3RS' number may not be up just yet.

CBS reduces NUMB3RS, increases order for NCIS, CSI and more

CBS president Nina Tassler said the decision to reduce the show's episode order is not a death sentence, and that both NUMB3RS and its Friday night lead-in, Medium, may return in the fall.

"We just had to cut back on the number of episodes to get Miami Medical on the air," Tassler said, referring to the new Jerry Bruckheimer-produced drama premiering April 2. "Absolutely Numb3rs is still under consideration for next year."

CBS sets dates for Bruckheimer medical drama, Rules return

Time of death was officially called on Three Rivers, the Alex O'Loughlin organ-donation drama. "I think we've all known each other long enough to know that when something is 'on hiatus,' it's code for something else," she said. Nevertheless, Tassler said she was proud of the show's short run. "The reality is, it's not too often that you get mail that lets you know as a network that eight lives were saved as a result of the organ donation that people become aware of because of that show."

CBS pulls the plug on Three Rivers

Tassler also said the network hasn't forgotten about Canadian productions Flashpoint and The Bridge, for which have they have 18 and 13 episodes in the can, respectively. "We had a high-class problem," she continued. "We had too much content and not enough real estate. Both shows will obviously make it to air at some point."