I certainly get more feedback for Nip/Tuck than the other shows I cover for Watercooler. Mostly it's Carver predictions. (The most interesting one last week was

Alec Baldwin's Dr. Moore character.) Last week, though, I got a bunch of "yes, BIID does exist" feedbacks. Ironically, Bruno Campos was interviewed during our Podcast, also last week, and he confirmed that all medical conditions and procedures done on the show are real. Sorry for suggesting otherwise. Tonight's show had a central theme of filling a void in one's family. It was very natural for Christian to want to get to know his real mother and her family more. Too bad she doesn't feel the same way. I loved that he offered her free plastic surgery, only because my own mother has said throughout the years that she'd get work done on her face "if only I could afford it." Sean was also filling a family void by becoming closer to Celestia, I mean Anne Heche, I mean the newly blond Nikki and her son Austin. How nice of Matt to take an imaginary family photo of the three of them. Speaking of Matt, several of you think he's The Carver. He's sure crazy enough. But speaking of crazy, I'm scared of Nikki now that we know she killed her husband. That gun under the bed doesn't bode well for Sean. Meanwhile, Quentin got Julia to agree to take on some of their clients, but that tango scene? Yeah right. At least she didn't sleep with him I'll give her another week for that. Besides, Julia is the "housewife" in Christian's description of the proprietors of De La Mer ("a dyke, a whore and a housewife"). Gina, "the whore," would've slept with Quentin on the first date. Dave Anderson

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