Sexy Nicolas Cage, now starring in Gone in Sixty Seconds, a remake of the 1974 cult film, is no stranger to fast cars; he has 10 of them, actually! "When I was 4 years old I would plant my Hot Wheels collection in the hopes that they would grow into big cars," Cage tells TV Guide Online. "So I've always been obsessed with cars."

Cage adds that he did a lot of his own stunts in the action film. "I did 80 percent of it, which, you know, was tricky. It was scary and it's not something that I enjoy doing. I'm not the guy who goes out to the Safeway parking lot and spins donuts, you know, but that's essentially what they needed me to do ? 360s and 180s."

Sounds like risky business to us. "The only people that didn't want me to do [the stunts] were at the studio, because they saw how fast I was going and they knew it was me. They said, 'You have got to tell him to slow down! This is getting ridiculous!' "

By the way, don't expect to see Cage leaping tall buildings in a single bound anytime soon. "I've decided to withdraw from the Superman project because it's been almost five years now and to me it seemed like a great idea at the time, but it's a time that has come and gone, and I feel that I'd rather just move on with my life."