While never one to set any personal-betterment goals, that does not preclude me from aspiring to amp up my performance as TVGuide.com's news blogger ( Today's News: Our Take) and the domineering-yet-amiable overlord of the Interviews & Features column. Henceforth and herewith, thusly, I present my News Year resolutions, to which I refuse to be held accountable 364 days from now:

- To finally land that (conspicuously) elusive interview with Alyson Hannigan, the only How I Met Your Mother cast member yet to indulge me in a fun Q&A. Is she afraid I will ask some lame, "When is Buffy returning?" question? Don't be, Alyson. Just call.

- To resolve the question of whether a "blast" e-mail from an actor-friend's BFF is "for print," because right now I'm sitting on a huge piece of celebrity engagement news. Hellllppp!

- To get to the bottom of the deepening "streaming Day Break episodes gone missing at ABC.com" mystery. Right now, I suspect that Vinnie Terranova's handler is somehow involved.

- To more subtly stump for my favorite publicist pals. Speaking of which, have you checked out Time Out New York On Demand?

- To confirm reports of a torrid affair between Lost's Smoke Monster and the smoldering remains of Evangeline Lilly's bungalow. (I will scoop People on this one.)

- To see if my college chum Sammy's A&E series, Intervention, can pay Britney Spears a visit.

- To indulge in my yearly Q&A, for any reason whatever, with the way too fun Charisma Carpenter. Seriously, kids, each year I don't publish even half of it.

- To resist the temptation - and it is a strong one - to go up to Japanese tourists awestruck in Times Square, and ask, "Did you just teleport here?"

- To be more discerning about what film screenings I blow off, because frankly it's killing me that I missed out on the chance to see Pan's Labyrinth (for free).

- To find out who has been raiding the chewing-gum stash here at my desk: Ben Katner, or the office cleaning woman.

- To use the considerable power of my particular TV Show Commentary blogs to save shows (e.g., 30 Rock), versus letting them slip into the streamed-online ether ( Vanished).

- To answer the big question, the elephant in the room that few journalists are daring enough to touch upon: What sort of goofy plastic glasses are Times Square revelers going to wear come 2010? Worse yet, 2011?

In conclusion, I leave you with a game: Can you tell me the singer of this "resolutions" song from a circa-1976 Bob Hope Christmas special?

Oh, this is my New Year's resolution
I resolve not to be a tomboy, but be sweet
Have Donny Osmond begging at my feet
And to make the other boys aware,
I resolve to borrow Farrah Fawcett's hair!

Hint No. 1: She was my celebrity crush at the time.
Hint No. 2: In retrospect, her sentiments are a tad ironic.

Happy 2007 to all, and to all a happy 2007!