Sara Connor Chronicles by Jill Greenberg/FOX Sara Connor Chronicles by Jill Greenberg/FOX
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles It may not be Arnold, but hot damn does this new sci-fi series look awesome! Based on the notorious film series, Sarah and John Connor are on the run. Not from the law, or a psycho ex, but from evil cyborg killers from the future! Good thing they make friends with a robot of their own. You may be thinking, "What can that tiny little female robot do to protect this mother and son?" Well, don't let this petite, little robo-chic fool you, cuz this gal is one killing machine you wouldn't want to piss off. Watch it now! | More online videos Your take: Anyone a big Terminator fan that isn't pumped it's coming to TV? Or do you think the trilogy's premise will make for a good series?