After being lost in space for two years, astronaut John Crichton still can't say exactly how he landed in a galaxy where PeaceKeepers do anything but and a blue plant ministers to his spiritual needs. However, new viewers tuning in Friday at 9 pm/ET for the third-season premiere of Farscape, the stellar Sci Fi Channel series that chronicles his adventures, won't be the least bit confused — provided they show up an hour early to check out Farscape 101, a primer on the show's labyrinthine backstory.

"Farscape has a wonderful anarchy about it," Crichton's alter ego, Ben Browder, tells TV Guide Online. "It's evolved radically since the inception, taking on a life of its own, which has to do with the strange place where it's set. The bizarre places we go are, in some ways, the natural places to go.

"Maybe we carry it too far," he adds with a laugh.

Although sworn to secrecy regarding future plots, the actor hints that one twist promises to go where no sci-fi program ever has. "There's a major development," he declares, "that is one of the boldest strokes I've seen in television."

And if intelligent stories, witty dialogue and out-of-this-world production values aren't enough to entice the uninitiated into Farscape's orbit, the show has one last trick up its sleeve. "We've got alien sex going on," Browder says, perfectly imitating the sideshow barkers of yore. "It's hot, it's sexy... it's aliens!"