Attention, L.A.-based bikini-clad movie extras! Yes, every single one of you. Proof that you are in the upcoming Entourage movie has arrived in the form of a new trailer.

Why is Vincent Chase a Cyborg DJ in the first Entourage movie trailer?

In addition to featuring women who've probably disappointed their daddies, the film - which extends the bro-ish antics of the long-running HBO series - addresses a laundry list of potential roadblocks when making a Hollywood feature. Ari, now head of a movie studio, hands Vince and his crew $100 million to make a new flick, and sex tapes, pregnancies, weddings, and other obstacles threaten to derail it.

In addition to the original Entourage cast, the movie welcomes a roster of impressive guest stars, including Tom Brady, Pharrell, and Jessica Alba.

Watch the new trailer below to get a glimpse of the chaos for yourself, as well as to bear witness to Drama's infinite wisdom: