Tuesday marked the first day at the office for Agents Alex Quinn (Jennifer Esposito) and Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) on NCIS. And, aside from the fact that the cubicle cluster isn't big enough to house five team members without a little rejiggering, how are they fitting in?

It's been a while since Quinn was in the field, so she's a bit rusty, as she explains to McGee (Sean Murray), while also trying to nail him down on a date when he's going to propose to Delilah.

Torres is aggressive, definitely playing bad cop to Gibbs' (Mark Harmon) good cop when interrogating a suspect. Also, he maybe flirts with Bishop a little bit, after hearing she was into "bad boys" in high school?

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Gibbs, for one, is still trying to figure out Torres himself, asking Torres point-blank which version of him is the "real" one — you know, after spending a decade undercover and all that. Yikes, that talk's a little heavy for a Friday afternoon at the office!

We also get a few subtle reminders of just how different Torres is to his predecessor, Tony DiNozzo. "I'm not much of a movie guy," he tells McGee by way of responding to a Usual Suspects reference. NCIS fans, we're truly in a post-Tony world.

Torres does have a lighter side though, cranking up Spanish dance music and shaking his hips on his desk, much to Gibbs' annoyance. Torres is convinced his new boss will learn to love it, though — and judging by Gibbs' grin, he's right.

How do you think Quinn and Torres are fitting in with the rest of the team?

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