Cote de Pablo (<i>NCIS</i>), Jessica Lowndes (<i>90210</i>) and Jennifer Love Hewitt (<i>Ghost Whisperer</i>) Cote de Pablo (NCIS), Jessica Lowndes (90210) and Jennifer Love Hewitt (Ghost Whisperer)

Senior editors Matt Webb Mitovich and Mickey O'Connor answer your questions. As always, you may direct your own spoilery needs to

Is Ziva's father going to make a return on NCIS this season? — Morgan
My moles at the CBS hit may be tight-lipped about the Ziva-Tony romance (a very popular topic in the Buzz box), but on this matter they did let slip some intel: Eli David, played by Michael "What a Feeling" Nouri, will be seen again, and possibly before the end of this season.

The gay character on 90210 has to be the guy who starred in the musical with Annie. He's tall, handsome, well-dressed and —mannered, and he loves musical theater ... hello! — Jason
I'm thinking that it's Ty, Annie's Spring Awakening costar. We haven't seen him in forever. — Kathryn
Rampant trading in gay stereotypes aside, this is an educated guess. But if Ty does come out of the closet, it'll be but one of two interesting storylines currently planned for the character. Remember when he flew Annie to San Francisco for dinner? Well, his talent for chivalry doesn't stop there, as Adrianna will soon discover. 

On Ghost Whisperer, how is it that the people of Grandview aren't a bit curious about Madly-in-Love-with-Jim Melinda becoming Wildly-in-Love-with-Sam Melinda just weeks after Jim's funeral? Those close to her get it, OK, but surely the neighbors are talking. Are we going to get an episode addressing the human tendency to gossip? — Casey
Matt: "
It's a good question," GW exec producers P.K. Simonds, Ian Sander and Kim Moses say in an email to the Buzz, "but we've tried to be clear that at least to the outside world, Melinda is not 'wildly in love' with Sam (Jim). At least not yet. Though there is plenty of aching and longing, the two of them are scrupulously respectful of each other's boundaries — he because she is grieving her husband, and she because he is grappling with memory loss. We're planning to address what friends and neighbors think, in a big way, as we move forward in Season 4."

When will the last episode of Pushing Daisies air? Will it seem like a "final episode" or will we be left hanging? — Bri
The facts are these: ABC isn't talking, and Daisies doesn't appear on the network's midseason schedule at all, but if it does return in January, I'd ballpark the last episode to fall somewhere around the end of February. I'm hearing that by then at least one of the show's big mysteries will be solved, which will be a big relief for one Mr. Emerson Cod. In the meantime, look for Olive Snook to sing a Bangles song I embarrassingly once used as the seductive soundtrack to a fumbling, though ultimately successful high school assignation. Don't tell anyone though, OK?

Can you find out if Dirty Sexy Money plans on airing "The Facts," the episode that was scheduled for Nov. 26? — Darla
Matt: Not likely, especially since that episode (bumped by Barbara and Obama) was in some ways merely a "clip show" — albeit one featuring unaired Season 1 footage, including some old Samaire Armstrong/Juliet scenes cobbled together to look like "new." I do offer some good-ish news, though: Sources tell me that DSM's final episode will resolve the mystery of who killed Nick's father, Dutch. It's all just a matter of when (mid-2009?), where ( and how (not until DVD?) we'll get that closure. (Speaking of unceremoniously dissed ABC series, here's a link to a Save Eli Stone campaign. Good luck!)

Does Without a Trace have any plans to bring back the wonderful Molly Price as Sam's sister? — Peg
Mickey: At the moment, no. But my Without a Trace source made a point to tell me how much they all loved working with Molly, and that it's just a matter of figuring out how to work Emily back into Sam's storyline in a way that makes sense. Any ideas?

Do you have any Smallville scoop? I think I saw Clark flying in the preview of the January 15th return.... — Laxmi
Matt: Flying? Or was he perhaps just dynamically leaping onto the roof of a tall building, in a single bound...? That's what I'm thinking. Watch again. Oh, and check back later this week for a new Smallville video treat....

Will B.D. Wong ever return to Law & Order: SVU? — Michael
Mickey: How can we miss B.D. when he didn't go away? My SVU moles tell me that Dr. Huang is still very much a member of the cast; he just hasn't appeared frequently as of late. That will change with the Dec. 9 episode, charmingly titled "Smut," in which he'll head-shrink guest star Michael Trucco (Battlestar Galactica), who employs the "porn-made-me-do-it" defense, as sound a legal strategy as any I've ever heard. (What?)

Do you know if the bartender that Reid met on Criminal Minds will be a recurring character? I thought they were cute together! — Diane
Do you know who that was tending bar? Courtney Ford! If you're a How I Met Your Mother fan, you remember her as the date Ted pulled "the Naked Man" on last week. And if you're "Superman" Brandon Routh, you know her as... well, your real-life wife. Oh, you had a question. Alas, there are no plans to see "Austin" again (though I am doing my darnedest to lobby for a Criminally Cute Bartender spin-off).

What can you tell me about the One Tree Hill episode that Chad Michael Murray is directing? — Teddi
Matt: The Chad's foray into directing, entitled "A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene," will air Jan. 12. (Watch him talk about stepping behind the camera here, at the 3:30 mark.) If you're curious if Murray got to direct his old Dawson's cast mate, James Van der Beek, the answer is no. Filmmaker Dixon, however, resurfaces the following week.

When will Sons of Anarchy be back? And will Drea De Matteo be a series regular when it does? — Cindy
Mickey: First, Cindy, I wish your name was Christofuh. Or Cosette. Second, all the Sons of Anarchy regulars have signed on to Season 2, which is tentatively scheduled to air next fall, but as of press time, De Matteo, who appeared in four eps this season, has no deal in place with the show. 

Could you solve a mystery that's been plaguing Chuck fans? Where is Morgan's girlfriend, Anna? She has been conspicuously absent for several episodes now. — Lauren
Matt: Ah, yes — the somewhat recurring "Where in the world is Anna Wu?" crisis. Despite being upgraded to series-regular status this season, Julia Ling has been Wu-fully underused. [Disproportionate snicker.] The good "Wu's" is she resurfaces this coming Monday, in "Chuck vs. the DeLorean." 

Could you please tell me when Eastbound and Down debuts on HBO? — Erin
Mickey: I'm glad you asked, Erin. This quirky little comedy series sounds very promising to me. Breakout star Danny McBride (The Foot Fist Way, Tropic Thunder, Pineapple Express) plays a failed big-league ballplayer who returns to his North Carolina hometown to teach gym. It's produced by Adam McKay and Will Ferrell (Anchorman, Talladega Nights) and Chris Henchy (Entourage). Ferrell will also costar on the series, as the owner of a local car dealership. It premieres Feb. 15. 

Mickey's Mega Rave: ¡Te amo, Gaby and Carlos! Of all the demented love stories that Marc Cherry's Desperate Housewives has given us, none has tickled me more than the Solises' logic- and ethics-free union. Eva Longoria Parker and Ricardo Chavira have pulled off the most radical transitions of the show's five-year jump — Gaby went from vain model to insecure, dumpy mother; Carlos morphed from venal corporate shark to sensitive New Age masseur — without losing either character's essential edge.

Matt's Mini Rant: As illuminating as MTV's Britney: For the Record was, something smelled fishy. Setting aside the obvious timing to the launch of her new album, ponder this: The first documentary Spears consents to just so happened to kick off at an MTV Video Music Awards show where she veritably ran the table with several huge wins? Should we call her "Lucky," or is the coincidence all just a bit "Outrageous"?

Reader Quote of the Week: "So is Sylar now bad again? Or a good guy playing a bad guy? Or was he just a temporary good guy playing a bad guy who wanted to try a good guy thing out for a while? Or was he still always bad? This show is giving me a headache." (Infamous_JR , reflecting on the latest episode of Heroes)

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