American Gladiators by Trae Patton/NBC Photo American Gladiators by Trae Patton/NBC Photo

On Feb. 4, American Gladiators is expanding to 90 minutes... at least briefly. Its two-hour season finale in turn has been scheduled for 13 days later, when it will lead into the Knight Rider pilot. Deal or No Deal will also go to an hour and a half on Feb. 4 and 11, while Medium is on hiatus till its six new episodes begin airing on Feb. 18. As for Scrubs, still no sign of its return. Although says the Peacock considered bringing it back on Thursdays at 8:30, specials, repeats and other crap will continue to fill the 8-9 pm/ET hour.

Meanwhile, at the CW, once Crowned ends (go, Hollis and Gina!), America's Next Top Model: Favorite Moments will fill its Wednesdays-at-8 time slot on Feb. 6 and 13, bridging the gap until Cycle 10 of Tyra Banks' competish kicks off. Elsewhere on the netlet, Monday laffers Girlfriends and The Game will return with new eppies on Feb. 4 but will be MIA as of Feb. 18, when Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious takes over their time slot. And on that note, can we please retire all made-up "-icious" words, from booty- to Fergie-? Please? - Ben Katner