Nathan Lane's decision to blurt out the shocking twist at the end of The Sixth Sense on the

Late Show with David Letterman last year is still coming back to haunt him. The film's Oscar-nominated director, M. Night Shyamalan — whose latest effort, Unbreakable, also contains a kicker climax — admits that he was miffed that the Birdcage star played the role of spoiler.

"I got really upset about that because he did it in kind of a cruel way, trying to be [a] funny, on-the-edge comedian, and it didn't go [over well]," Shyamalan says. "The crowd moaned — everybody moaned — because he said it. It wasn't a cool thing, and I don't think he got a lot of satisfaction out of it. I know he received a lot of negative attention for it." Calls to Lane's spokesperson were not returned at press time.

Despite one actor's lapse in judgement, Shyamalan has faith that the average moviegoer — as well as members of the media — will keep Unbreakable's 11th hour jolt to themselves, much the same way they did with The Sixth Sense. "It's just not human nature to go, 'Guess what, I'm going to tell you the ending of Unbreakable,'" he says. "The only person it hurts is the person who you're talking to. It doesn't hurt [me], because if you go and tell somebody the ending they're still [likely] to come see it. So, it's just hurting the person you're telling It's a very unsatisfying thing to do and a very unkind thing to do."

Besides, the 29-year-old Philadelphia native believes that if audiences fall in love with Unbreakable (opening Nov. 22), it will all be a moot point. And if they don't? Well, all bets are off. "It doesn't [make sense] to do it if you're happy with [the film]," he continues. "I mean, if they hated Sixth Sense and hated Unbreakable, they'd be like, 'Oh my God.' [and give away the ending. But,] if we do our job right, I don't think it's an issue."