Natasha Richardson Natasha Richardson

Natasha Richardson has returned to New York following a traumatic ski accident in Canada, and her condition remains unclear.

A source close to the family confirmed that the actress was stateside, but did not indicate if or where she is being treated, according to The Associated Press.

Richardson, who is married to Irish actor Liam Neeson, suffered an injury after falling during a ski lesson Monday at Mont Tremblant resort. Several reports say that she didn't show any external signs of injury, but ski patrol escorted her to her hotel and insisted she see a doctor.

"She was laughing and joking, and she walked to her room on her own," Mont Tremblant rep Catherine Lacasse said. It wasn't until about an hour later that the actress reported signs of injury.

"She had a headache, so we sent her to the hospital," Lacasse explained. "There were no signs of impact and no blood, nothing."

Neeson, who had been in Toronto filming a movie, flew to Montreal to be with Richardson at the hospital before their return to New York.