Debra Messing & Jerry O'Connell, <em>The Mysteries of Laura</em> Debra Messing & Jerry O'Connell, The Mysteries of Laura

On last week's Mysteries of Laura, all the cops except Laura (Debra Messing) believed that Jon Dunham (Jerry O'Connell) killed his cosmetics magnate father and then blew himself up with a homemade bomb inside of his office building. Case closed.

But Laura found out that Jon was still alive when he popped out of her bedroom closet with a gun pointed at her. Now Laura's a hostage in her own home, and Jon didn't only make one bomb.

See the thrilling clip right here:

"The Mystery of the Unwelcomed Houseguest," the conclusion of Jerry O'Connell and Stockard Channing's two-part arc, airs Wednesday, Jan. 20 on NBC.