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There's no lack of mockumentaries on TV (see: The Office, Modern Family), but the producers of the upcoming My Generation plan to push the model one step further.

"This is the first real show of the Internet era," creator and executive producer Noah Hawley said at the Television Critics Association's fall previews. "It's a mash-up of scripted and unscripted material."

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The show, which tracks nine students from an Austin, Texas, high school over 10 years, will incorporate home videos, photographs and other evidence to introduce the characters to the audience.

Adapted from a Swedish half-hour mockumentary series, On God's Highway, producers decided to make each episode an hour and to elevate the drama and mystery elements of the stories.

"You really are investigating who these people were and what their journeys are, sometimes pushing these characters further than they want to go," Hawley said. "There's a feeling that you're invading their privacy a little bit and that, as a viewer, you're seeing stuff that they don't necessarily want you to see.

Producers acknowledge that they have a lot of narrative gaps to close between the 2000-era high school students and present-day adults.

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