When critiquing American Idol's weekly performances, one judge's "pitchy" is often another's "perfection." So TV Guide asked three singing experts for their opinions. Renee Grant-Williams has worked with Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and Christina Aguilera. Roger Love's clients include Eminem, Mandy Moore and Matchbox Twenty. Brett Manning has tuned up Keith Urban, Take 6 and such Broadway hits as Aida and Les Misérables. Here, they tick off which finalists hit the right notes and which deserve the least votes.
Carrie Underwood
Roger Love: "Though not original, her lovely sound nicely fits the pop-country genre, and this sweet face could be the next Faith Hill. But I'd suggest dance classes. Her stance is awkward and her overall vibe unsexy."
Brett Manning: "She may only be generically good by Nashville standards."
Renee Grant-Williams: "She has a good chance to win. She has consistent pitch; she kicked butt on the Heart song ["Alone"]."