Former Lost in Space and Babylon 5 star Bill Mumy is preparing to blast off on a cinematic sci-fi adventure of his own making, along with help from some of TV's other beloved former child stars.

Mumy tells TV Guide Online that he's a co-executive producer, co-writer and one of the stars of Overload, a "psychological drama in a sci-fi setting" that also stars pals Angela Cartwright (Lost in Space), Johnny Crawford (The Rifleman), Tony Dow (Leave it to Beaver), Don Grady (My Three Sons) and Billy Gray (Father Knows Best). Dow is serving as director and co-executive producer on the project, which is scheduled for completion later this year.

"I really believe that people will think it's "Love American Style in Space," but it's not," Mumy explains. "It will really showcase these people as legitimate, viable artists."

Mumy, who lives with his wife and two children in the Hollywood Hills, seems to have boundless energy when it comes to creative pursuits: he's just just finished writing a sci-fi novel, Stolen Imaginations, with Cartwright, and this spring he'll release his third solo musical album, Pandora's Box (Renaissance Records), and a greatest-hits compilation from his novelty band, Barnes & Barnes (Oglio). The B&B compilation will include the 1980s hit "Fish Heads" along with new ditties like "Kiss Me Where it Stinks" and "The Public Toilet."

"I'm wearing a lot of hats and I'm very grateful for that," says Mumy. "I'm very happy I'm not just hanging out a shingle that says 'Actor for Hire.'"

Mumy adds that he recently heard from a TV development exec who's hoping to launch a new Lost in Space in syndication. "I would return to that character as long as the deal wasn't embarrassing or tacky."