Meet the Parents, the critically well-receieved comedy starring Robert De Niro and

Ben Stiller, grossed a record-busting 30.3 million over the four-day Columbus Day weekend. It was the biggest October opening in history (squashing 1998's Antz $17.2 million), as well as a personal best for De Niro -- surpassing the $18.4 million opening of Analyze This. Director Jay Roach (Austin Powers) told Reuters that a sequel was an "open possibility." In its second week in theaters, the Denzel Washington feel-good film, Remember the Titans, held up extremely well, taking in another $20.7 million, a drop of just six percent. The news was not as positive for Sylvester Stallone, whose first film in two years, Get Carter, opened at No. 3, with less than $7 million. The animated Japanese film Digimon: The Movie also got off to an inauspicious start, grossing just over $4 million, to finish No. 5.