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Now that Barney and Robin are out of the bag, it's time for the Emmy-nominated How I Met Your Mother (premieres Monday, 8/7c, CBS) to have even more fun this season. "We've kicked the door open on them together — I guess you can say together — and the floodgates of hilarious stories have opened up because there's nothing funnier than two people who are just terrible at being in relationships trying to be in a relationship," creator Carter Bays tells Of course, Barney and Robin aren't the only ones with plot turns as Ted starts a teaching gig at Columbia University, where he will meet his future wife. Bays tells us what's in store for everyone and why it would be an "outrage" if Neil Patrick Harris doesn't win an Emmy on Sunday. Are you ready for the Emmys?
Carter Bays:
I am. I just tried on my tux and I think I've grown in the four years that I've last worn it! [Laughs] But other than that, I'm ready. I need elastic waistbands — that's what I need. ...  I'm trying not to think about our [chance of winning] because I just want to enjoy the night. It's like going to prom. I just want to put on the tux and get the picture taken and that's it. I don't want to think about actually going up on stage. I think you should win. We have you as a dark horse. Neil's definitely looking good, especially with Jeremy Piven MIA.
Oh, thank you! That's very nice of you to call us a dark horse! Honestly, it sounds so corny, but just the nomination is nice. It was such a happy day on set when we found out. It was, like, the best day in the history of the show. Neil — it'd be an outrage if he doesn't win. Neil's chances are great. And he's hosting! I've been working with him a little bit. We've all been kind of contributing to it over here. They have a lot of fun stuff planned out. He's such a great host. He's so good at this stuff.

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