If Mark Addy gets his way, there will never be a sequel to the hit 1997 British comedy The Full Monty.

Addy, who's currently starring as cartoon caveman Fred Flintstone in The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, tells TV Guide Online that it would be "foolish" to try to recreate the magic of the working-class comedy. Still, rumors swirl about a possible sequel.

"I think it should be left to stand on its own," Addy says. But the Monty star is quick to add that he'd definitely be up for working again with its scribe, Simon Beaufoy, and the ensemble cast that helped make the movie a hit.

"If there was any way of putting together a piece where you maybe use the same actors but with a completely unrelated project, that might be interesting," he says. "It might be a little like the old days of repertory theater where you're used to seeing the same actors playing different parts."

Addy, now a bona fide Hollywood star, says it was quite an adjustment learning how to speak like Fred Flintstone for his first big-budget feature film. He actually prepared for the role by studying videotapes of Jackie Gleason in The Honeymooners, a TV show the former Brit had never seen before.

"Watching Gleason's physicality and the way he works with Art Carney — it helped me bring Fred to life," Addy says. "That's what really gave me a sense of how to make the character a real person."