Feisty funny girl Mo'Nique freely admits she flipped her wig when she met the actress who plays her daughter on the UPN series The Parkers.

"When I first met Countess Vaughn, who plays my daughter, Kim, she walked in the room and said, 'Hey, mama,' and I said, 'Hey, baby,' and that was the Parkers," Mo'Nique tells TV Guide Online. "We both had wigs on and we took off our hair. I said, 'Girl, I like you.' "

Indeed, the two hit it off so well they practically are mother and daughter. "We have such a relationship that because I am older I feel like the protector," Mo'Nique says. "But because I'm a baby in the business, she then becomes the mother and I become the child."

The rising star has another project in the works ? her own line of plus-size clothing. "Traveling the country and the world I have seen some women dress in muumuus ? like these sheets. I'm like, 'What's going on, girl? Show some legs! Be sexy. Make that a little tighter.' I want a size 22 to feel like when I walk in a room, Iman has nothing on me. Cindy Crawford? Nothing, girl."

So, what's the strangest crowd the former stand-up comedienne has ever encountered? "I performed for the Ku Klux Klan, which I thought would be the worst show of my life," she says. "It was actually one of the best shows I've ever done. They didn't know I was black. And I didn't know they were the Klan. It was earlier in my career. I needed that $50."