Mo'Nique says it's about time Hollywood stars tell it like it really is in their personal lives. In fact, the outspoken actress plans to get the ball rolling with her very own, soon-to-be-published self-help book.

"In Hollywood, so many of us wear masks that, when they come off, we're totally lost," the star of UPN's The Parkers tells the TV Guide Channel. "It's time that people become okay with the skin they're in."

The sometime stand-up comic says her new book, Mo'Nique's Big, Beautiful and Lovin' It, will tell her life story without all the usual gloss. "I think a lot of times when people turn on TV and they see us, they think that we have these great lives — and it's always been that way," she says. "Oh my God! I just wanna let people know we go through the same things, the same trials and tribulations, the same disappointments, the same victories, the same struggles [as they do].

"I think it's important that people know a 200-pound woman can be a star in Hollywood," adds the full-figured beauty, whose book is due out in stores next year. "She can be glamorous; she can be sexy; she can have a wonderful husband."

And, apparently, down to earth. Mo'Nique insists that the perks of celebrity have not gone to her head. "We're not these great untouchable heroes that you think we are," she says. "I bleed, breathe, die and go to the bathroom just like you. If I stop bleeding and go to walking on water, then you [can] praise me!"