Our top moments of the week:

13. Most Frustrating Finale: After Ringer kept us hanging for the entire season, waiting for estranged twins Siobhan and Bridget to reunite, the twisty drama ends things with a mere close call. Ruthless gangster Bodaway finds "Bridget," who is actually Siobhan, and tries to kill her. And just when Siobhan, who has been trying to off her sister for months, appears doomed, Bridget arrives — gun conveniently in hand — to save the day. Although Bridget mistakes her twin for Juliet and never sees her, Bridget learns in the show's final moments that Siobhan is alive and wants her dead. We would love to see these two come face to face again — finally — in Season 2. Too bad the show's small audience means that will probably never happen.

12. Daddy Knows Best Award: June is single and ready to mingle on Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23, but she doesn't exactly want Chloe's help in finding Mr. Right. So Chloe plans a "stealth set-up" for June and Scott (guest star Michael Landes), whom she's known "forever." To June's amazement, she and Scott hit it off, bonding over biking, Self magazine and citrus fruit, before a hot make-out sesh on the couch. "I knew you two would like each other," Chloe says when she walks in on the PDA. "You can thank me tomorrow. Night, June. Night, Dad!" Now that's what we call a parent trap.

11. Most Blatant Cry for Attention:
The Voice's Christina Aguilera is no shrinking violet. On Monday's performance show, she takes her attention-grabbing to a whole new level when she chooses "Fighter," one of her own songs, as Team Christina's group performance, and then joins them on stage wearing a glittery bustier and... not much else. What is it with you Voice judges? Keep your pants on!

10. Most Awkward Honeymoon
: On Game of Thrones, newlyweds Margaery and King Renly need to beget an heir to strengthen his claim to the Iron Throne, but they need to have sex first. When Renly has trouble raising the royal scepter, Margaery offers to involve her brother Loras. It turns out that she already knows that Renly and her brother are lovers and is more than OK with that.

9. Worst Present: Revenge's menacing matriarch Victoria Grayson meets up with a mysterious man in shady New York City dive to get a "message" to her son, and it doesn't sound like it's "I love you." Nevertheless, it's still shocking to see Daniel Grayson get roughed up by three huge thugs hired by his mother.

8. Best Inside Reference: Suburgatory could have easily overloaded on the Clueless references when it reunites stars Jeremy Sisto and Alicia Silverstone. But rather than try to awkwardly cram in a Billie Holiday reference ("I love him"), it takes a subtler approach — and nails it. When George (Sisto) tries to apologize for being a jerk to Eden (Silverstone), she tells him it "sucks" that it didn't work out and that it "blows" that he was narrow-minded. "Which is it," George asks, "Does it suck or does it blow?" — a reference to their Clueless characters' lip-lock during a game of suck-and-blow. It turns out Elton can suck.

7. Best Kept Secret:
When Amanda agrees to be represented by Olivia Pope & Associates on Scandal, Olivia, who had her own fling with President Fitz back in the day, tells the former White House aide that she needs to have proof of her affair with the POTUS. Amanda says she does, but isn't ready to reveal it yet and instead asks for a one-on-one meeting with Fitz. After Cyrus, his chief of staff, cancels the scheduled meeting, Olivia orders Amanda to tell her everything now. "If I'm gonna stand with you, Amanda, I need to hear all of it," she says. Amanda responds: "I'm pregnant."

6. Most Surprising Stance:
The Good Wife's Alicia Florrick has been to hell and back, thanks to the philandering ways of her politician husband Peter, so it's nice to see her go out of her way to urge Peter to run for governor despite their marital estrangement. However, the real shocker comes during Peter's official campaign announcement, when the camera pans out to reveal Alicia at his side and holding his hand. Your move, Mike Kresteva!

5. Best Surprise Delivery: After spending the bulk of this season trying to get pregnant, Addison had all but given up hope of having a baby on Private Practice. But she gets a very special delivery when she learns that the mother of the baby she had just delivered has selected Addison to adopt her son. One problem: Which of the men she is currently kissing — Jake or Sam — will step up to the plate and play Dad.

4. Best. Kiss. Ever. Damon and Elena take a road trip on The Vampire Diaries to bring Jeremy home, but it also serves to allow Elena to figure out her unresolved feelings for Damon. Hiding out in a motel room, Elena and a shirtless Damon share an intimate conversation, but Elena gets spooked and runs out of the room. Damon follows and Elena can no longer resist — she runs to Damon and the two suck face like nobody's business — until Jeremy awkwardly interrupts.

3. Best Fisticuffs: On Mad Men, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce loses the coveted Jaguar account after Don, Roger and Pete's night of "fun" with the executive at a brothel ends with his wife finding, as a livid Lane puts it, "chewing gum on his pubis." The guys think it's hilarious and Pete, snippy weasel that he is, figures it's the appropriate time to mock Lane for failing to land the account himself in the first place. A terribly peeved Lane challenges him to a fight, right there in the conference room. After some comical posturing (think of this) and lame jabs from Pete, Lane does what we've all wanted to do at some point: He decks him. "I don't know about you two, but I had Lane," Roger quips. Who didn't?

2. Worst Status Update: On Gossip Girl, Lola decides to exact revenge on her cousin, Serena, but in the process, accidentally live-streams a video of Diana Payne (guest star Elizabeth Hurley) admitting that she is Chuck's real mother! Talk about a botched connection! And a hot mama!

1. Breast in Show Award: Jimmy Kimmel has a huge surprise for Jennifer Love Hewitt. (No, not like that!) During the actress' appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the funnyman tells Hewitt that when they removed a billboard of her racy ad for The Client List outside his studio, he managed to snag a piece of the billboard to give to her as a gift. Of course, it turns out to be a gigantic close-up of her famous ample bosom. "It looks like a horror movie blown up!" Hewitt laughs. "My boobs!" Let's see you reduce that, Lifetime!

What were your top moments?