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Our top moments of the week:

11. It Takes Three to Tango Award: Kim Zolciak sets the scene for a romantic evening with her man, Kroy, on Real Housewives of Atlanta: candles, rose petals and a bathtub built for two. But is there room for one more? Because Kim's father suddenly barges in on the new parents' date night. He offers this sage advice. "I want you to be careful," he says. "If you can't be careful, be good. And if you can't be good, then just name it after me." Father knows best!

10. Best Kiss: It's been a rough road this season for Aria and Ezra on Pretty Little Liars. After they were forced to split up, Aria leaves Ezra a message, asking him to meet her under the clock tower to give their relationship just one last chance. He shows up, of course, but not until after it starts raining, all the better to seal this long-awaited reunion with a passionate (wet) kiss.

9. Best Game of Chicken: Top Chef  judge Tom Colicchio takes Grayson to task for making a simple chicken salad sandwich for a competition challenge. Grayson, however, isn't afraid to challenge his characterization of her food not being exciting enough compared to the other dishes. "Like a meatball?" she asks sarcastically, a clear reference to Lindsay and Sarah's submitted dishes. Her chutzpah works: She makes the normally stone-faced Tom laugh out loud and she makes it to the next round. Who you callin' (boring) chicken?

8. Funniest Case of Mistaken Identity: After reluctantly  agreeing to a more traditional (read: common) bachelorette party, Blair Waldorf's evening quickly goes up in smoke on Gossip Girl when she amiably (and very drunkenly) agrees to hold on to what she thinks is a stranger's cigarette (but what is actually a joint). When cops balk at her public toking, she mistakes the men in blue for strippers, reaching south of the holster to find out if they're really "New York's finest." That very un-ladylike gesture gets her very publicly arrested. Cue the paparazzi's flash bulbs.

7. Best (Non-Specific) Character Revival: This week's Justified features some cheeky guest casting when Carla Gugino shows up as the very specifically named Assistant Director Karen Goodall. It's a clear nod to the title character she played on ABC's beloved-but-quickly-canceled Karen Sisco, which, like Justified, was based on an Elmore Leonard character.  The chemistry between Karen and Raylan crackles and their partnership picks up right where it left off. Surely we're not the only ones who think she'd make a great permanent addition to the cast.

6. Free at Last Award: House's new year's resolution? To get his ankle monitor — aka his "training wheels" — off. But Foreman needs to sign off on the approval, so the mischievous doc decides to stroke his ego by letting him win arguments. When Foreman gets hip to his plan, House says that he moves better without the monitor and that if Foreman were as confident as his former boss, he wouldn't need to keep House shackled. Foreman ultimately realizes House is right and approves the removal. "Bikes go faster without training wheels," he says. And they also drive their cars into people's houses.

5. Most Moving Bad Day: Despite a passing report from her mandated therapist on Criminal Minds, Hotch knows Prentiss has not fully dealt with nearly being killed by Ian Doyle last year. "You're going to go weeks, months even, feeling fine. Then you're going to have a bad day," he tells her. "Just let me know when you do." Stuck in the "denial" stage, Prentiss doesn't move on until a victim in their case realizes that Prentiss had once been attacked as well and asks her about it. Fighting back tears, she finally admits to Hotch, "I'm having a bad day."

4. Most Delicious Coming Out: After trying to keep her many new bedpost notches hidden from her nosy neighbors on Desperate Housewives, Bree faces a sticky situation when she's confronted by one of her suitors and his very angry wife when she shows up drunk at the church bake sale after the reverend himself disinvited her. (Bree's delicious defense: "Every bake sale needs a tart.") Instead of fighting with the angry wife, Bree decides to own her new status as "town whore" and walks away with her head held high. Watch out, Bree, God is listening.

3. Most Contrived Reality: On Kourtney and Kim Take New York, Kim Kardashian decides to meet with psychic John Edward to communicate with her late father, who was O.J. Simpson's lawyer. "Do you have a father-in-law or an older male that would be like an uncle who passed from cancer?" Edward asks her and Kourtney. "Our dad passed from cancer," Kim answers. "Would your dad have a connection to a person who drowned?" he asks. "O.J. Simpson's daughter drowned," Kim says. Yeah, Edward's totally tapped in to... Wikipedia. Did we also mention that he and Kim have the same publicist?

2. Most Ridiculous Line: Lifetime's Drew Peterson: Untouchable is brimming with cheesy and outrageous dialogue characteristic of the network's usual offerings, but it's strange hearing it coming out of Rob Lowe's mouth. Case in point: When Drew's neighbor, Karen, suspects he is responsible for his fourth wife's disappearance, she tells him, "Going to prison is going to stop you." His response: "I'm untouchable, bitch." Who writes this stuff?

1. Saddest Goodbye: She may have taken a bullet during a blaze of gunfire last week, but Catherine's CSI farewell is anything but big, bold and bloody. No death, no cliff-hanger, no big twist — just a new job and lots and lots of tears. "There comes a point in one's life in which one feels compelled to make a change," she tells the team. "I have been offered another job with the FBI. And I have decided to take it." And with that, Catherine Willows has left Las Vegas. Our one gripe: No William Petersen?

What were your top moments?