Rima Fakih Rima Fakih

The new Miss USA, who found herself in Internet photos from a radio show's "Stripper 101" contest, insists the pictures were in well-intentioned jest — despite their racy nature.

"I was just being silly and jumping up and there were a few pictures exchanged," Rima Fakih told People. "I know it looks really negative but it's not really what you've seen. I didn't do anything wrong."

Will new Miss USA Rima Fakih lose her crown for stripper pole pictures?

Mojo In the Morning posted risqué photos with Fakih participating in the radio show's 2007 contest. Fikah says the event actually focused on building women's fitness and confidence.

"At the very end, we had all the women jump on stage and show what they've learned," the pageant winner says. "Of course, the pictures won't show that. It was something where we were having fun."

Calls to the Miss Universe Organization were not immediately returned.

Fakih will compete in the Miss Universe competition in Las Vegas on Aug. 23.