Miley Cyrus at The 2008 Teen Choice Awards courtesy Fox Miley Cyrus at The 2008 Teen Choice Awards courtesy Fox

It wasn't enough that Miley Cyrus hosted Teen Choice 2008 - she also led her dance crew to a victory over Step Up 2 star Adam Sevani's dancers. After months of YouTube battles, Cyrus' M&M Cru and Sevani's ACDC met in a dance-off that featured huge numbers of people on stage, simultaneous flips and jumps and hot hip-hop solos.

The M&M Cru's extravaganza kicked off just like many of the Miley and Mandy YouTube videos, with the two girls seated in the audience and chit-chatting into the mic. But at Miley's cue, they bounded up on to the stage and her team started a high-energy, pop-inspired routine that seemed endless. The crowd, hyped up by Cyrus throughout the show, was practically unruly with excitement up until the last moment, when LL Cool J arrived on stage to add his rhymes to the mix.

ACDC's act, meanwhile, kicked off with a surprise of its own when Sevani was lowered onto the stage by a rope, arriving to the cheers of fans in a Michael Jackson-style military jacket. The crew went more hip-hop than M&M's, featuring some less showy, technical moves that impressed nonetheless.

Fergie, in a flowing red dress, closed the night by walking into the mass of dancers to proclaim Miley's crew the victors - at which point the audience unleashed its loudest cheers of the evening (no small feat with the Jonas Brothers were in attendance, too).

The win also pleased at least one celeb: Step Up star Channing Tatum said all the dancers were amazing, but that he was pulling for Cyrus' group - sort of.

"One reason why I didn't dance tonight [is] because I can't dance with those kids they're unbelievable," he said. "But, I think I chose the M&M crew just simply because I just wanted to get back at the Step Up crew, I thought it would be funny." - Anna Dimond