How I Met Your Mother's Lily is marrying into a family that considers mayonnaise the main ingredient in salad. "I don't think it's a salad if it has funyuns in it," she scoffs. But yet she and her crew downed Barney's Thankstinis with glee. Honestly, if I had the choice between the mayo, gummi-bear, potato-chip combo and the cranberry-juice, potato-vodka and bouillon-cube concoction, I'm not so sure which I'd pick. But the best line of the night came from Bob Saget yeah, voice-over man  when he told a story about a stripper who hit on him and then told his kids that was how he really met their mother. Nice, even if it was a joke. But the look of shock on their faces was worth it... though they are probably now scarred for life.  AC

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