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The latest person to fall under Patrick Jane's spell on The Mentalist is Jane's new boss, Special Agent Madeline Hightower.

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Ellis says Hightower's fascination with Jane begins when he exposes one of her secrets. "She's kind of maintained a story about herself that is revealed to not be the truth," she says. "It's true, but semantically, it's not true and Jane, in a very revealing and playful scene, exposes that. He disarms her in a way; he has that ability with everybody."

And could that fondness Hightower has for Jane ever turn to something more? Doubtful. "She sees Jane as a bit of a mystery that she wants to solve," Ellis says. "In the last few episodes we've done, there's a figuring-out between the two of them. I wouldn't say there's romance in a sexual way, but there's a sort of romance that happens with people who do have a fascination with one another."

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