Robin Tunney and Simon Baker Robin Tunney and Simon Baker

[WARNING: The following story contains spoilers from the Season 5 finale of The Mentalist. Read at your own risk.]

And then there were seven.

The Mentalist finale: Who is Red John?

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With Lisbon chasing her own nemesis earlier in the season, do you think she has better understanding of Jane's drive to catch Red John?
Yeah. But for me, the more important aspect of that story line is that Jane showed up for her. I feel like [Lisbon] has been bending over backwards for him, and there's a very low percentage of return. The way he stuck his neck out to find Volker and the lengths he went to and the way he sort of stuck up for her, it was kind of selfless on his part. It was really important for the relationship.

I suppose it's a good thing their partnership remains strong if Jane and Lisbon are going after Red John alone. Do you think that will continue?
  I think she's completely committed. But I still think [the idea] of her wanting to try Red John in a court of law and taking him alive [instead of] Jane's idea of revenge... is an important one. My character sort of represents somebody who believes in the law and believes in the system and the way it works. So, I think it's an intrinsic conflict that's sort of important to the structure of the show.

Do you think the hunt for Red John might ever change her views?
I think it's how she's hard-wired. I think something really devastating that was really personal would have to happen to change those beliefs.

You've said you view Jane and Lisbon's personal relationship as a brother-sister pairing. But psychic Sean Barlow (Michael Hogan) accused Lisbon of being in love with Jane in the finale. Thoughts?
Tunney: It's funny, as an actor you have to sort of play things in a specific manner. I feel like she's certainly in love with him. But the idea of whether it's romantic love, I'm not even sure if she's sure. It'll be interesting to see how that unfolds next season. I think, like the Red John thing, how long can you keep that going?

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It does seem that the show is moving toward ending the Red John story. How long do you see the show running?
Robin Tunney: I'm on board for however long we can make a show that the fans still like. I think the show could go on after they find Red John. It could go on based on Jane solving crimes. His reason for staying [at the CBI] is different and doesn't have the same emotional pull, but I do think people like to watch him just solve things. I don't know that people just watch the show for the Red John story line.

Given that Jane was so hesitant to give Lisbon the list of names because of her bad poker face, do you think she will have trouble keeping it secret?
Tunney: I think she's going to need to. I really hope I don't screw that up. I think there's some comedy to be played in that. She's pretty certain she's a great liar, so it might go back and forth for a while. I think everybody thinks they're a good liar.

Do you know which of the seven men is Red John at this point?
No. Maybe it's because they think I'm a bad liar. They don't trust me with that information. [Laughs]

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