Ray Bans and black suits aren't the only things regaining their cool quotient thanks to Men in Black II. Retro party game Twister — which makes a memorable cameo in the hit sequel — is also enjoying a bit of a comeback. In the scene, Rosario Dawson challenges a bunch of girl-crazy, worm-like extraterrestrials to a match on the iconic polka-dot mat.

And although Dawson admits to being a bit of a Twister pro in real-life, shooting the sequence gave the 23-year-old star of Josie and the Pussycats little to twist and shout about. "Butt work is really difficult," laments the actress, who had to maintain the same position for hours on (her) end. "It was really uncomfortable... but I had a really good time."

Unlike the majority of MiB II, this particular scene did not feature computer-generated aliens; the little beasties you see on the screen were actually present during filming. "They had puppets there that were rigged into the floor, so I had to move in between them — which was kind of crazy," she explains. "Then, they put a little ear piece in my ear and the guys who actually did their voices were downstairs talking to me the entire time. And [their bodies] were robotically being moved and their hands were being puppeteered with this little thin fishing wire. So, you have all of these people on the side tugging every once in a while, then you've got this guy in my ear going, 'Stop touching my butt.' There were a lot of people necessary [for the scene]."

Despite the head and backaches, Dawson says she prefers playing Twister with non-humans. "[Mortals] get bored so much more easier," she laughs. "I think it's the whole novelty of it. The first time around they're [mesmerized] by the colors and the spots and they get all excited. But no one ever really wants to follow [through] and play the game. And people start to cheat and that's not good." Even worse, she adds, earthlings never "apologize for touching your butt."