Josh Holloway (<I>Lost</i>), Lisa Edelstein (<I>House</i>) and Shenae Grimes (<I>90210</i>) Josh Holloway (Lost), Lisa Edelstein (House) and Shenae Grimes (90210)

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I like Sawyer and I love Juliet, but I really need this Sawyer/Juliet thing to be over soon on Lost. — Claudia
MATT: I on the other hand have taken a shine to "Suliet," so it is with some glee that I tell you that there will be a bit more idyllic "playing of the house" as well as a little smooching! before the action-packed ramp-up to the May 13 season finale. It kind of makes you wonder to whom Kate might turn since Jack, I am hearing, is going to only become more unlikable.

Please bring Heroes' Daphne back.  She was a super hero, and her complex personality and fantastic look made her one of my favorites. Cordialea
TIM: Brea Grant's speedster may return in some capacity, but you'll have to accept that she is, in the words of imaginary flying partner Greg Grunberg, "definitely and unfortunately dead." Not convinced? Greg elaborates: "She is gone, she's dead." Fortunately, she does have flashback potential. Again assuring us that Daphne is dead, dead, dead, the producers tell the Buzz, "Since Heroes sometimes tells stories in a non-linear way, you shouldn't bet on never seeing her again." Even though she's dead.

Please tell me the banana from last week's racy episode of 90210 is replacing Annie as the show's main character. At least it had appeal. Get it? Lee
MICKEY: Hey Lee, smell my flower. I'm sorry to say that Shenae Grimes will be sticking around. (Dustin Milligan, who plays Ethan, on the other hand, will not be.) If it helps, I'm hearing that Naomi's special brand of emotional terrorism will again set its laser sights on Annie toward the end of the season. So, there's that for you to anticipate. In the meantime, keep the banana out of it.

Will House and Cuddy kiss again before the end of the season? — Hilla
MATT: If you, like many, suspect that Kutner's tragic death will in and of itself serve as the catalyst for more Huddy canoodling, think again. As exec producer Katie Jacobs points out, "After such a horrible event, certain people would want to want to be closer and want to sort of couple up. But with House, it sends him in the opposite direction" namely, toward another life-changing season finale.

How is CSI: NY going to pursue the storyline between Danny and Lindsay now they are married and have a baby girl? Kelly
TIM: Oh, we get the insinuation: Everything's boring when you're married, right? Not so for Danny and Lindsay. They'll find that the challenge of balancing all that murder-solving and baby-rearing — plus adjusting to life as newlyweds — keeps them extremely busy. And exhausted.

When is Jeff Goldblum going to show up on Law & Order: Criminal Intent? Nancy
MICKEY: The wait is at long last over on April 26. Although Criminal Intent premieres the week before, Goldblum doesn't show up until the second episode, a spicy little number about murderous Brooklyn hipsters who share an artists' loft. Goldblum fans will like the quirky details of Det. Zach Nichols (he's an accomplished pianist), but you won't find any oddball theatrics. It's a very restrained performance.

Will Zack be back on Bones? The squints need him! — Kris
MATT: Yes, Eric Millegan will reprise his role in the guest-star-studded season finale airing May 14. "And it was nice to have him back," Tamara Taylor (Cam) tells me. "We all have missed him." That said, the rotation of grad students in and out of Zack's job will continue. Says Taylor, "We're having so much fun with them, and we've got such a great group." My fave is Ryan, the Brit who happens to be on duty for the season-ender. Reminder: Bones will air two new episodes next week and the week after. Check our listings for the "bonus" dates.

Please tell me Castle is doing well in the ratings! I think Nathan Fillion is hilarious in this role. Raydle
TIM: Castle's defenses are slipping a bit: Though its first two episodes scored about 11.5 million viewers, it slid in subsequent weeks to a less-secure 9.8 mil. (Monday's episode fared slightly worse against the NCAA basketball championship, which airs but once a year.) Castle's bigger obstacles are its permanent second-place status behind CSI: Miami and the fact that it was losing much of its Dancing with the Stars lead-in. But not to fear: Star Nathan Fillion says the show will go seven seasons. We like Captain Tightpants' optimism.

Will there be a continuation of Gossip Girl's storyline about Lily and Rufus' child? Yankee
MICKEY: I had a college roommate who called me Yankee. I called him A--hole. For the Supremes fan in the house, the love child/never-meant-to-be will show up May 4 to wreak havoc on Lily and Rufus' blissful, excitement-free union. I'm hearing it's kind of cliff-hang-y, as the season's final two episodes will tee up the Brittany Snow spin-off and reveal exactly what Bart Bass had in that envelope.

Will we be seeing more of the Justice League on Smallville, now that Chloe is Watchtower? And what's coming up for Dollhouse's Mellie/November? Will Ballard figure out she's a Doll? — Miss B
MATT: Not only will you get some Justice League action in the season finale airing May 14, a bit of injustice is on the way, too, when Jessica Parker Kennedy returns as Plastique for the May 7 episode titled ... um, "Injustice." (Hey, they stole my joke.) Turning to Dollhouse: Yes, Mellie soon will return from her "trip out of town," only to be met by an increasingly (and rightfully, considering the far-out stuff that's been going on) suspicious Paul.

What is CBS doing with Eleventh Hour now that Harper's Island is coming on during its time slot? John
MICKEY: There was a very strong rumor last week that Eleventh Hour had been canceled; it sent a wave of panic through my mailbox. My CBS sources say it's not true, but we'll have to wait until the late-May upfronts for a definitive announcement. But, as previously reported, Eleventh had an abbreviated back-end pickup, which means its first season is actually already over, paving the way for this Thursday's premiere of Harper's Island.

Any Supernatural scoop? — Laura
MATT: As a matter of fact, I was just chatting with a pal who has spied a cut of the controversial "Jump the Shark" episode, and the word is that those who think they have Sam and Dean all figured out by now will be rather surprised by their individual reactions to the introduction of their "new brother," Adam. Also in that April 23 outing: Only the most eagle-eyed will spy a wink-nudge "tribute" to the late Kim Manners.

Matt's Mega Rave: Every once in a while, television's decision-makers impress us with their forethought and appreciation for quality content. So while, yes, it still eats at us that Pushing Daisies got snipped and something as ambitious as Kings has been banished to the Kingdom of Burnoff, the news  that Friday Night Lights will be back for not one but two more seasons hints at something being just a little bit right with the world.

Tim's Mini Rant: Time travel has made Lost frustrating. It feels like a completely different show now, disconnected from what it used to be. Yes, "The Constant" is one of the best episodes of anything I've ever seen. But the time jumps feel like an unearned trip to crazytown, without a whiff of foreshadowing — as if all the characters started turning into vampires.

Mickey's Micro Riff: Jim Henson = spinning in his grave.

Reader Quote of the Week: "From searching for White Castle as a stoned twentysomething to the 'associate director in the White House office of public liaison'? Even NPH would be impressed." (dazinger, praising Kal Penn's reason for leaving House)

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