Jorja Fox, Stephen Moyer, Kelli Williams Jorja Fox, Stephen Moyer, Kelli Williams

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Is Sara Sidle coming back next season on CSI? Bill
ADAM: There will definitely be some cast changes, as several of the show's stars, Jorja Fox included, negotiate new contracts. But executive producer Carol Mendelsohn is hoping that Fox will return. "I know what our creative plans are for Sara Sidle, but Jorja and I have not sat down to really talk about next season," she says. "It's really, truly up in the air."

Who kidnapped Bill on True Blood? — Smitty
MICKEY: It's a complicated answer. We'll learn almost immediately who did the actual absconding, for whom they were working and under whose influence the order was given. Surprisingly, it'll involve a lady who always seems to be around when there's trouble for Bill.

Tell me more about the Lie to Me episode that deals with Foster and Lightman's past. — Kristin
ADAM: The June 14 episode begins with the death of one of Lightman's former Pentagon colleagues, with whom Lightman worked seven years earlier to bring down an Irish terrorist. A flashback shows us Foster and Lightman's first meeting, when she gave him a psychiatric evaluation. He'll learn that Foster has a better poker face than he thought she did.

We knew Alicia wasn't going to be fired, but will The Good Wife's Cary return to Lockhart & Gardner by any chance? — Patricia
MICKEY: I'm hearing no, but you'll still see Cary (Matt Czuchry) on the show. He'll just be sitting across the table. "It's better to have a character you've come to care about on the other side of the cases," says executive producer Michelle King. But he'll be a different Cary. "Once you're fired from a job, you will do everything within your power to never be fired again," King says. "You will even make ethical changes in your life so that you never have to face that moment again."

Please could we have some scoop on Private Practice? — Chloe
ADAM: Pete and Addison are over, but Tim Daly warns fans not to expect an instant Pete-Violet reunion. "He has Addison's permission to be with Violet, but that doesn't mean anything," Daly says. "A lot of our storylines are based on how happy Pete and Violet were once upon a time. They were only happy for 15 minutes. There's this myth in the fan base that ... they were together and it was fantastic, but they don't really know."

How is Weeds going to work in Seattle?
Well, there's a lovely port there, isn't there? Sure, Nancy might be on the lam because Shane clocked Pilar with a croquet mallet, but that doesn't mean she can't get her wicket sticky with some new Pacific Northwest-based action. Plus: We hear she'll enjoy her newfound anonymity when she sidles up to a sexy, confident bar owner in the Emerald City.

What can you tell me about ABC's new vampire show, The Gates? — Andre
We can tell you two things: We kind of dig it, and it's not just a vampire show: There are also werewolves and witches and other mystical creatures. (Oh my!) Yet it maintains a certain realism. "Our goal was to bring the supernatural into our own world," executive producer Grant Scharbo tells us. "The [beings] that have moved inside the gates are trying to achieve the last vestiges of the American dream. [So they're] putting the bright face out and burying their secrets."

I'm so excited that Royal Pains is back! When will Hank and Jill finally get back together? — Eleanor
MICKEY: Executive producer Andrew Lenchewski says it's going to be awhile. "It's Hank's turn to explore the possible alternatives out there," he says. So while Jill is off dealing with her reappearing ex, Hank will find a worthy adversary — in love and in medicine — in an attractive lady-concierge doc who puts out a shingle in the Hamptons.

So Julia Stiles is on Dexter. Got any other scoop? — Wes
ADAM: The show is on the lookout for an actress to play a smart, tough, Latina police officer. She's young, confident, passionate, and driven by her hardscrabble upbringing.

Entourage, please! (And forget Vince; I need Drama drama!) — Laurie
MICKEY: You'll get some, Laurie. You know how every season ends with a feel-good montage of the boys high-fiving, talking about how frickin' sweet their lives are, dude? Remember Drama's holding deal? Well, it didn't hold, because of the "prettier" actor who nabbed Drama's dream role: the lead in a Fall Guy remake. (You may now snicker.)

Any hints about the Breaking Bad finale? — Sandy
ADAM: The cliffhanger is not as monumental as Season 2's plane crash, but it has much more of an effect on Walt personally. While Jesse is on the run, Walt will have to answer for killing Gus' thugs. Also: A familiar face will return, and Walt will once again don the Heisenberg hat.

Give me scoop on 90210 next season. — Nando
MICKEY: Ryan Eggold tells us that Mr. Matthews' spectacular flame-out in the season finale is just the beginning of the expectant daddy's journey. "It's kind of fun to play [drunk]," he says. "I would love to continue, but he's going to have a kid now. He'll be struggling to clean up and focus on raising a child and being a good dad."

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Reader Quote of the Week: "The most offensive thing was Twilight winning." — mdjones, on MTV's apology for unbleeped profanities during the Movie Awards live broadcast

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