Josh Radnor by Eric McCandless/CBS; Felicity Huffman by Danny Feld/ABC; Summer Glau by Richard Foreman/Fox Josh Radnor by Eric McCandless/CBS; Felicity Huffman by Danny Feld/ABC; Summer Glau by Richard Foreman/Fox

Senior editors Matt Webb Mitovich and Mickey O'Connor answer your questions!

I haven't heard anything about How I Met Your Mother in forever. Please pass along some much-needed scoop. - Zack
Matt: While all signs point to Stella saying yes to Ted's proposal - remember, Josh Radnor and the producers assured me that her replying "maybe" wasn't an option - these two may not be out of the woods yet. Seems the doc may (unwittingly) have a "test" to pass, and it involves how she reacts to Ted's favorite movie. As for Barney, the big lug confesses his feelings for Robin - just not to her. Or to Ted.

I want more Desperate Housewives scoop. - CTC
Of course you probably caught this week's all-Housewives vodcast, which I had fun presenting "quiz-style." Oh, this was kind of interesting too: Finding twin actors to play Lynette's now-teenage Porter and Preston was so formidable a task, exec producer Bob Daily says, "We had actually talked about hiring a single actor and doing a Patty Duke Show sort of thing. 'Where's your brother?' 'Let me go get him....' Thank God we were able to find these great kids, Charles and Max Carver."

Will we ever see Law & Order: SVU's Benson and Stabler get together in more than a cop-partner fashion? The chemistry is unbelievable! - Jackie G.
It sure sounds like it, Jackie! Executive producer Neal Baer told me the genetically blessed pair will find themselves in a very compromising position in an upcoming episode. "You won't believe your eyes," he teased.

Derek Reese + Cameron = hot Sarah Connor Chronicles hookup on the horizon? Please tell me it's a possibility, I beg of you! - Alexandra
I am not entirely sure where Isaac Asimov stood on this - though I do have his daughter's digits! - but the word from those close to Terminator is: "Human-robot sex? Not going to happen." At least not any time soon. So please, boys, look but don't touch.

I was under the impression that The Unit had been axed and wouldn't return next season. Can you please clarify? - Ktzmn
Mickey: Yes, I can. The Unit will return to CBS on Sunday, Sept. 28 at 10 pm/ET.

Any info on future appearances by classic cast members during ER's final season? It was great to see Gloria Reuben back as Jeanie last season, hearing her and Haleh catch up about other past characters. - Stanley
Well, Stanley, you've probably already heard that Noah Wyle has signed on to appear in an unspecified number of episodes this season. Also, Shane West will be back for at least two episodes, and he'll be walking again! But we'll keep you posted on any George Clooney-related breaking news.

Any idea what happened to the one-hour medical drama à la Grey's Anatomy that the CW had planned? I think it was called The Golden Hour. - Liz
It sounded interesting, right? It was called Austin Golden Hour, an emergency-room medical drama about the 60 adrenaline-filled minutes after a trauma, in real time, hence the title. It starred Justin Hartley (aka Smallville's The Green Arrow) and was produced by - of all people - American Idol's Simon Fuller. Alas, the CW lost interest after seeing the pilot, and it wasn't picked up.

You are the only news source anywhere to give scoop on Supernatural's Sam it seems. Right now his fan base could really use a scoop. - Eric
Episode 5! A rugaru (think wolfman) is on the loose! And he's hungry! And Dean looks mighty tasty! Can Sam save his bro from becoming dinner? (Why are all you girls pouring ketchup on Jensen?!)

Where has Celebrity Password gone? Hoping it will be back soon! - Carol
Well, I'm hearing that CBS has already shot a few new episodes, believe it or not. There's no word on when they'll air, but let's just say that, after its strong ratings this summer, the network isn't necessarily going to wait a full year to bring it back.

I know you said that the Justice League will be coming back to Smallville with some new members, but you didn't say anything about the Flash. Is he returning? - Brian
Impulse, meaning Smallville's version of Flash, is not involved in the Sept. 18 premiere, no. But this season is supposed to be rather JL-heavy, so it's possible he could resurface... in a flash.

What are the chances of Jaye Tyler (the character played by Caroline Dhavernas on Wonderfalls) appearing on Pushing Daisies? Less than five percent? - Gregg
Ooo, good question! And one that Bryan Fuller (a creator of both shows, as you know) was more than happy to address: "A lot of stars would have to align, but should those stars shine in our favor there's a fun Daisies episode to be had with a guest character confessing to a murder because an inanimate object told her to do it."

I have become a fan of BBC America's Robin Hood and was astounded that they killed off Maid Marion in the Season 2 finale. Do you have any scoop on a third season and if Marion (Lucy Griffiths) will return? - S.D.
Mickey: The good news is that there will be a third season, which will air on BBC-A in early 2009. And while I'm not getting a specific answer to the Marion-dead-or-alive question, my RH moles tell me that Season 3 Robin is "older and tougher, hell bent on revenge," which certainly makes it sound like Marion, like Generalissimo Francisco Franco and disco, is still dead.

Mickey's Mega Rave: I know it's probably not so cool to love the Olympics, but then again, I'm probably not so cool. For example, at the moment I'm wearing a foam headpiece in the shape of the Olympic rings. My coworkers think it's unsightly and unprofessional, but I don't care. I love Team U.S.A.! Watching Michael Phelps - and all those other guys (wink, see below) - go for record numbers of golds makes my cold, black heart grow three sizes, swollen with a sense of nationalistic pride to which I'm not generally predisposed. I'm the guy who watches the nihilistic Mad Men and thinks Don Draper's eventual moral collapse is... fun! But what's this? Synchronized drumming? People of many nations holding hands? Metaphorical representations of the enduring human spirit? The goings-on in Beijing had me at "ni hao," have actually made me. happy. What is this strange feeling inside?

Matt's Mini Rant: There is no "I" in Team USA, I know. Still, Olympic swimmer Jason Lezak merited much greater camera time than NBC afforded him after his anchor leg led the U.S. men to an upset win in the 4x100 freestyle relay. Instead, the director's focus was on (surprise!) Michael Phelps, who has never been in danger of missing out on coverage during this Olympics.

Reader Quote of the Week: "Does anyone have any spoilers for the Olympics?" - Zinger314

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