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Which original cast members are returning to Lost? — AnnatheBelle
MICKEY: Well, you heard about Michael and Libby, right? Add them to the list that includes Juliet, Charlie, Boone and Helen (aka characters believed to be dead who have signed on to reappear in Season 6). But what about Walt — will we see him again? "We would like to have him back, but he's aged and looks much older than his character, so that's the problem with him," executive producer Carlton Cuse told us. "We're still seeing if there's a way to work that out." Cross your fingers!

I need to know more about Tony and Ziva's trip overseas on NCIS! — Mark
Tiva ends up in Paris, where, as luck would have it, a mix-up at the hotel requires that they share a room. Executive producer Shane Brennan says that 'shippers will be happy. "There is a scene where Tony and Ziva are outside having coffee in a French restaurant and they end up riding away on a little motor scooter," Brennan says. "It is very romantic-looking and it is very French and it is very Tony DiNozzo." Brennan also says that fans will enjoy the events that lead up to their date.

Is it true that we're going to see Katherine again on The Vampire Diaries? — Beth
MICKEY: Yep, and much sooner than you think! Plus: Since this is a show about the walking dead, keep your eyes peeled for another assumed-dead lady to order a very rare filet at the Mystic Falls Grill very soon.

What are these rumors about Callie being sick on Grey's Anatomy!? — Jen
For the record: Callie is not dying. She just has chicken pox and will be nursed quickly back to health by Arizona. On the health front, though, we're hearing that Owen's post-traumatic stress disorder will flare up again. "We haven't seen much of it yet, but that doesn't go away," Kevin McKidd says. "My hope is that you see him be able to deal with it in a more self-sufficient and non-destructive way, since he's now acknowledged it. ... I think Teddy coming back churns up a lot of that stuff."

I'm so frustrated that FlashForward isn't coming back until March! Give me some scoop to tide me over. — Mackie
MICKEY: You know what else is frustrating? Not knowing whether to believe a person's flash-forward! For example, are Olivia and Mark really going to break up? Sonya Walger isn't saying for sure, but she dropped this hint about the upcoming episodes. "This love triangle heats up in a big way," she says. "Something happens to Olivia and Mark's marriage that there's no coming back from." Gulp.

Is it too much to hope that Booth and Brennan are the ones getting married on Bones? — Katie
ADAM: It's too soon to start sending your RSVPs, it seems, as the Bones crew is keeping the happy couple under wraps. But, here's a bit of good news: "There will definitely be kisses," Emily Deschanel says. "I just can't tell you who." While you ponder the impending lip-locks, also consider this: Booth and Bones will get cozier while undercover in New Mexico.

Chuck — Casey scoop, please! — J.D.
While Casey is adjusting to Chuck's newfound abilities, he's going to have visitors, about whom Adam Baldwin sounds an ominous tone. "You will meet someone from Casey's past," he tells us. "Betrayers, evil betrayers from that nefarious world of people who know him."

Is anything going to happen between Mark and Addison during the Grey's Anatomy-Private Practice crossover? — Emma
ADAM: You betcha! Sam will not be happy to see how familiar Addison and Mark are with each other. His jealousy will turn to regret, as he kicks himself for turning down Addison's previous overture.

Any scoop on How I Met Your Mother? — Thom
MICKEY: When you're watching the Super Bowl on Feb. 7, keep watch for HIMYM-themed hints. "There's a Barney story line that kind of leaps out of the Super Bowl," says co-executive producer Carter Bays. "If you watch the Super Bowl itself, there may even be a little clue or two along the way." Co-executive producer Craig Thomas adds: "It'll put the events in motion for the rest of the season."

What can you tell me about how Heroes will wrap up its season? — Connor
ADAM: Jack Coleman tells me that the volume ends with a lot of heroes standing up to Samuel, a la Season 1's Kirby Plaza showdown. He says HRG in particular goes toe to toe with the evil carnie, but it's Claire who does the real damage. "At the very end is Claire sort of blowing the lid off everything and [giving] implications of a 'brave new world.'" Conveniently, that's the title of the show's next volume!

What's up for Season 2 of United States of Tara? Wasn't she, um, cured? — Linda
MICKEY: It may have appeared that way, but Toni Collette broke the news that Tara will have a new alter this season, so apparently the cure didn't stick. Brie Larson, Collette's TV daughter, gave us the deets on Shoshanna, Tara's new personality. "It's an alter who happens to be a therapist, so there's this interesting dynamic of this therapist who isn't Tara, but is Tara, helping Tara," she says. "Shoshanna helps the entire family."

I wish Lie to Me was coming back sooner. Tell me there will be some good Lightman-Foster stories when it returns. — Meredith
Good news, Meredith: Tim Roth tells me the new episodes offer a lot of Foster and Lightman interaction. You'll even get to see more of their history. "You will get to see all of that open up in some form," Roth says. "We're shooting an episode now that deals with my character's work with British intelligence and how my character met up with Foster. It's really interesting. In fact, it's one of the better scripts that we've had."

Adam's Mega Rave: Kudos to Conan O'Brien for having the cojones to confront NBC while still maintaining his integrity. His statement cut like one of Triumph's insults, but proved the guy is still an absolute professional.

Mickey's Mini Rant: I respect Jay Leno and his right to put a successful show on the air. Why doesn't NBC respect Conan O'Brien's right to do the same?

Reader Quote of the Week: "What will NBC do next — change Saturday Night Live to Early Sunday Morning Live?" — RachelScribbles, on NBC's attempts to move The Tonight Show to 12:05.

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