Dana Delany by Randee St. Nicholas/ABC, Ed Westwick by Andrew Eccles/The CW and Ali Larter by Paul Drinkwater/NBC Dana Delany by Randee St. Nicholas/ABC, Ed Westwick by Andrew Eccles/The CW and Ali Larter by Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Senior editors Matt Mitovich and Mickey O'Connor answer your questions! E-mail us your own scoopy needs.

The Housewives premiere is still weeks away! Tide me over with some scoop? Susan
A near-death experience is going to set up a major health crisis for one of the male residents of Wisteria Lane. And that's about all I can say without Marc Cherry getting all angry like he did last spring when I spoiled the time-warp.

What does Season 2 have in store for Gossip Girl's Jenny and Chuck? I heard they might get together. XOXO. - Samantha
In the name of American Apparel, bite your tongue! Jenny will be too busy toiling away at a dress form anyway, as Season 2 fleshes out her fashion-related ambitions, which may or may not include Blair's mom. The Basshole, on the other hand, will avenge the loss of Victrola - that "classy" burlesque club in which he wanted his dad to invest - by turning his sights on an equally seedy Brooklyn venue, and with help from a very surprising ally.

I've heard a crazy Heroes rumor that Adam and Niki are related. Is that true? - Stacie
It's certainly crazy! Very crazy! And untrue.

With the impending House-Cuddy romance looming, is there anything for the many loyal House-Cameron fans to look forward to during this dreary time? - Teresa
Turn that frown upside-down, Teresa! It's true that when House returns, all the death and betrayal we saw in the finale will definitely make for a few dark days. But I've been assured that Cameron's moment in the sun is coming... just not necessarily at House's side.

Will CSI: Miami fans ever see Horatio get together with his sister-in-law, Det. Yelina Salas (played by Sofia Milos)? - Lynn
The way you say "get together" makes me feel all dirty. Thanks! I then kept your inquiry in mind as I watched the Season 7 premiere, and dang if it didn't completely color my interpretation of a tense tête-à-tête between H and Yelina (who, I sense, is hot to "get together" with her in-law as well!).

Is there going to be any inappropriate family interaction, if you get my drift, between 90210's Dixon and his stepmother Debbie and/or stepsister Annie? - Alex
Um, ew? My mom is going to be psyched she paid for grad school when she finds out I've become the TV columnist of choice for all the incest enthusiasts out there! Plus, Dixon was adopted, so he's nobody's step-anything, including lovah. Changing the subject remember Mondale, Brandon Walsh's beloved, junky car? Well, Brandon 2.0, Dixon, will have his own share of automotive woes, and not just because he drives a minivan. Think insurance scams.

You mentioned that Criminal Minds' J.J. will be bowing out about the middle of the fourth season due to A.J. Cook's real-life pregnancy. Will she be back before the Season 4 finale? Paddington
"A.J.'s return will be on A.J.'s time," exec producer Ed Bernero tells me. "We just want her to concentrate on that baby right now." But if you really must nail down a timetable, watch the new Mega Minute. Also: Meta Golding ( Day Break) will fill in for Cook, in least six episodes.

Is Law & Order: CI's Nicole Wallace (Olivia d'Abo) really dead? I thought that the finale's twist - the bloody heart, Declan's involvement - was sort of ambiguous. - Jose
I'm hearing from at least one source that the initial plans for the Nicole Wallace storyline may be changed, in part due to this season's casting changes (to recap: Big out, Fly in). Whether that means she was once supposed to be dead and now isn't, your guess is as good as Goren's. A USA rep declined to comment on Wallace's fate.

Are we going to see more of Smallville's Oliver Queen with Lois? Audrey
This is the point in Sprockets where I start parceling out sound bites from my in-depth Q&A with Erica Durance. Asked for a status report on Lo and the one also known as Green Arrow, she said, "Lois does have to confront her breakup with Oliver, and they do have a few storylines together, but from what I've seen they're not getting back together in the near future." You can track down a smidgen more dish from Durance in this week's Mega Minute. The full Q&A comes next week, maybe. (Sorry, I'm still reeling from this one reveal she let slip....)

What's up with Battlestar Galactica? What can we expect in the final episodes? Everyone has gone silent. - Robin
I know, right? It's like someone yelled "Jump!" but you were busy wondering why the papers have no corners so you missed the coordinates and now you are the only starship that has been left behind. I'm with you, Robin, sir. (See what I did there?)

Can you confirm that Richard Burgi (Karl on Desperate Housewives) has joined Harper's Island? If so, can you give me some scoop on his character? Deborah
ABC's loss is in fact the midseason CBS series' gain. Burgi has been cast as Mr. Wellington, aka the father of the (doomed?) bride played by Katie Cassidy.

I've begun to hear rumblings that the Moonlight DVD for the U.S. has been put permanently on hold, even though the European edition is set to release in November. Any truth to the rumor? Robyn
What did you draw me into?! I checked into this topic and was made met with quite a scary Silver Wall of Silence. At the end of the day, all I have is this from David at TVShowsonDVD.com: "Warner has not announced any plans for a U.S. release of Moonlight."

Mickey's Mega Rave: [ Pours a cup of coffee and approaches the podium.] Hi, my name is Mickey, and I am addicted to Gossip Girl. It started this summer, when a friend offered me a Season 1 DVD at a party. I knew I shouldn't watch it, but I thought, "Just one episode." In an instant, the Upper East Side became more than just the place where I got my teeth cleaned; it was a place where the drinking age is 16 and your feet never need touch a sidewalk. My Dartmouth sweater came back from the dry cleaner with a mysterious heart-shaped pin on the sleeve. I started referring to the Korean lady at the deli as "My Dorota." When I found myself wondering if I could pull off an ascot, I knew it was time to start attending meetings. I can quit anytime, but why would I want to?

Matt's Mini Rant: I, too, am a new Gossip addict, but my high is tempered by tiny things. Like how every episode pivots around a Major Lavish Party(/storytelling cheat). Or implausibilities such as Blair traveling alongside us common folk on the Hampton Jitney. Even so, I give the show XO.

Reader Quote of the Week: "Zack wasn't just a murderer. He was assisting a cannibal with eating people while hiding it from everyone the whole time. That's a whole 'nother level of f---ed up, as a friend of mine would say." ( Thomas C22, on the return of Bones ' Zack)

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