CBS's new comedy Me, Myself & I tells the story of Alex Riley, but there's a bit of a catch — Alex is played by three different actors at three different periods of Alex's life.

The youngest version of Alex in 1991 is played by 13-year-old Jack Dylan Grazer, and the older incarnations are played by Bobby Moynihan in present day and John Larroquette in the year 2042. caught up with the actors at CBS' Upfronts red carpet to ask what it was like coordinating their three performances of the same character over a 50-year period.

"[We] went over a couple little mannerisms or a couple little ways of saying things," Moynihan says. "Jack had a really funny line reading at the table read — of a line that I say the same exact thing later, so I was trying to match him as much as possible. We're just finding little ways to interconnect and make people see that this is the same guy."

"It's a three-way street," Larroquette adds.

As an inventor who hasn't quite hit the big time yet and then finds out his wife has cheated on him, Alex's modern-day journey appears to be the struggle of a man to find himself at 40-years-old. His past and future, on the other hand, tease a pretty sweet love story that was 50 years in the making.

Me, Myself & I airs Mondays this fall at 9:30/8:30c on CBS.