Former Grease II star Maxwell Caulfield isn't putting on an act when he looks all embarrassed playing reluctant porn star "Captain Schtuping" on Comedy Central's Strip Mall.

Caulfield, who plays a desperate gift-shop owner who turns to porn on the wacky new series, was genuinely red-faced when the script called for him to don a little nautical cap and strut his stuff. "Maxwell is really great but he's a very kind of straight person," series co-creator/star Julie Brown tells the TV Guide Channel. "He truly, truly was embarrassed. He really was. And you felt kind of bad for him, but it worked really [well] for the character.

"When he had to do his actual porno scene, you could see the look on his face," she adds. "He told us going into it, 'I feel so embarrassed to be doing this!' But it kind of worked. I almost felt bad making him do it even though that was the script."

Then again, convincing Caulfield to play a porn star was downright easy compared to trying to shoot the pilot in a Los Angeles strip mall. "Actually shooting in a strip mall is kind of a nightmare," says Brown, who has since moved production to a soundstage. "Some of the owners of the shops were getting mad at us. One guy was claiming we were taking business from him. And then there were these Russian beauticians who were getting really mad at us because we were blocking their door."