Glee Glee

Glee (Tuesday, 8/7c, Fox)
What do you do for an encore when your second-season opener bursts out of the gate, more than holding its own against a hit like NCIS, especially in the coveted younger demos? Time for a stunt! Britney Spears is the theme of, and makes a cameo appearance in, this week's "Britney/Brittany" episode in which we learn of a connection between the pop superstar and New Directions' more endearingly daffy member. While the glee club argues with Mr. Shue that they'd rather do Spears' greatest hits at the school assembly — cue playlist — Will is distracted by meeting Emma's new beau, played by John Stamos.

Baseball: The Tenth Inning (Tuesday, PBS, check local schedules)
Ken Burns' original Baseball documentary became PBS' most-watched series ever when it aired in 1994, the same year as a crippling baseball strike. Burns and partner Lynn Novick take us back to the ball game with a two-night, four-hour sequel that covers the last two decades of the sport's highs and lows, from the record-breaking home-run races and the resurgence of the Yankees — and, perhaps most notably to a historian, the Red Sox World Series victory — to the steroid-abuse scandals that tarnished many a sports hero's image. It's a crackerjack piece of work.

Modern Family (Wednesday, 9/8c, ABC)
The celebrated cast of the Emmy-winning comedy is scheduled to be spotlighted on The Oprah Winfrey Show earlier in the day. After that cultural coronation, settle in for a new episode, "The Kiss," which in part explores Mitchell's intense aversion to public displays of affection with his partner Cam — subtly addressing some concerns among the show's gay following that they are less expressive in the amour department than their straight siblings. Meanwhile, Gloria busies herself with Columbian cuisine in tribute to her late grandmother and Claire over-mothers brianiac daughter Alex when she learns of her crush on a boy.

Community (Thursday, 8/7c, NBC)
In all of the Thursday hubbub, don't lose sight of this underappreciated sitcom gem, which this week finds Jeff (Joel McHale) succumbing to a relapse of his former lawyer lifestyle when he reunites with old law-firm bud Rob Corddry, who reintroduces Jeff to the world of decadent partying (how is that different from college?) and shucking his casual wear for tailored suits. Jeff's study group comes to the rescue, but who among the gang will be corrupted by their brush with these legal vultures? Drew Carey also guests, as Jeff's former boss. (Drew Carey a boss? How times have changed.)

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