Survivor Survivor

The Closer (Monday, 9/8c, TNT)
Surprise Emmy winner Kyra Sedgwick wraps this summer's season of the hit crime drama, as Brenda's unit and the FBI investigate the murder of two paramedics, a case with terrorist implications. This forces Brenda to work alongside the head of the counter-terrorism unit, who is also up for the Chief of Police job. (If you missed any of the current season, the episodes will be replayed in a daylong marathon starting at noon/11c.)

Covert Affairs (Tuesday, 9/8c, USA Network)
The first season of this instant breakout spy caper bows out with back-to-back original episodes. In the first hour, Annie goes to London as a "mark" to entrap a smuggling ring. In the finale, Annie's romantic past resurfaces when her former lover/rogue agent Ben Mercer returns to the CIA, and they head to Sri Lanka on a perilous mission. Good times.

Survivor: Nicaragua (Wednesday, 8/7c, CBS)
The news: Survivor is moving from Thursdays back to the Wednesday time period where TV history was made when the show premiered 10 years ago. In the latest twist for the venerable reality competition — unjustly snubbed at the Emmys this year, though Jeff Probst earned his third in a row as host — the teams are divided by a generation gap. Tribe Espada members are all over 40, including 67-year-old football coach-turned-broadcaster Jimmy Johnson, while Tribe La Flor contestants are all 30 or younger. Let the games begin.

The Big Bang Theory (Thursday, 8/7c, CBS)
The boldest programming move of the new season involves CBS uprooting this hilarious smash from Mondays and thrusting it in the competitive fire of Thursday night, where it leads off CBS's lineup. To get audiences prepared for next week's season premiere, the final four Big Bang episodes from last season are repeated in a two-hour mini-marathon. Highlights include Judy Greer's foxy guest turn as a female physicist who comes between the geeky roomies, an origin story of how Leonard and Sheldon met, and the season finale introducing Mayim Bialik (who recurs this season) as Sheldon's potential new girl friend — calling her a "love interest" or "squeeze" doesn't really compute, given Sheldon's quirky history.

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