The Material Girl has poor Matt Lauer so confused even he doesn't know where he's going.

Lauer, soon to embark on another "Where in the World Is Matt Lauer" journey, admits mom-to-be Madonna recently duped him. "I asked her point-blank if she was pregnant. She said, point-blank, 'No,' " Lauer tells USA Weekend of his interview last month with the entertainer. "She was very convincing. But now, when I look at the tape and see that certain smile on her face, I realize I was probably just naive."

Lauer, cohost of NBC's Today, says he is used to this kind of deception from celebrities. "They're trying to schmooze you. For the most part they're selling something. Politicians and movie stars practice [their responses], and it's very hard to know if you're getting a real window into anything that resembles their personality."

The one thing Lauer does know is how to stay neutral. Of his friendship with rival host Bryant Gumbel of CBS's The Early Show, Lauer explains, "We've made a deal. All we'll each say is, 'I want him to do great, and I know he wants the same for me.' We won't critique each other's show, because then [people] will say, 'Do you know what Bryant said about your show?' And then I'll say, 'What? Tell me!' "

So how does Lauer stay so cheery in the morning? "I have a great wife. We have a juicer and she makes this incredible concoction of fresh nectarines, pears, oranges and bananas. She puts it in a bottle and I take it to work. It's like a kick in the butt. It's fantastic."