Dedicated mom Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio admits she didn't spend too much time partying off-set with George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and her other Perfect Storm co-stars.

"I only have so much energy," she tells TV Guide Online. "I never [hang out] when I'm working. I can't go into the bar and expect to be up the next morning."

"Mind you, I looked like a dog's dinner," she says of her role in the big-budget drama. "I was greased down. I had makeup on with grease. I didn't want to flip my clothes on (after filming) and go for a nice dinner."

Mastrantonio says her main focus these days is raising her family in London with director hubby Pat O'Connor (Circle of Friends). Like other actresses her age, the 41-year-old has found that the number of available movie roles is limited. "I can't say I've had a lot of options at times. I certainly have fewer now. I have a family. They are my priority. It gets trickier and trickier. I can't say I don't worry about what will happen next."

She's not complaining, though. Motherhood has been an easy choice. "I do what I know," she says. "The way I was raised, a family was there. Also, I love them. It's not like I sit down at the end of the day and say, 'What's the better choice?' I love them and that's what keeps you there. It's tough. I won't lie. I have some dark moments, but mostly I'm busy. Don't play any violins. Sometimes with work it's, "Do I have to go?' "