Despite his energetic on-screen performance in Dungeons &#038 Dragons (opening today), funnyman Marlon Wayans tells TV Guide Online he was secretly battling killer jetlag and lots of, er, intestinal gas during the making of the sci-fi pic.

"It was those damn cappuccinos," he says in defense of his flatulence on the set. "I was drinking them because I had to stay up. And, c'mon, you know how plane food is. All that flying messed up my insides."

No excuse is good enough for on-screen partner Justin Whalin, who had to spend three days tied up with Wayans as part of the movie's adventure plot. Recalls the actor: "He'd look at me and go, 'I'm feeling nervous. Dragons make me scared.' There'd be this odor — and I was tied up with him! Let me tell you, man, it smelled bad!"

Wayans, a hot property in Hollywood since Scary Movie became one of last summer's biggest hits, isn't kidding about the jetlag. The actor was already at work on the New York-based drama Requiem for a Dream last August when he suddenly had to return to Prague to shoot additional scenes for D&#038D. "I was dead [in the original cut of D&#038D], but somehow Scary Movie made $150 million and miracles happened," he says with a laugh.

Although exhausted, Wayans still made a point of amusing the Prague-based crew by learning some of the local expletives. "My first words were 'Kiss my big black ass' in Czechoslovakian," he says. "The whole set was laughing."